Beginners Sucks

First of all thanks to Steve Pavlina by sharing his passion and knowledge about self improvement. I would say his one of my inspiration why I made this…

Anyway talking about the topic it is true that you’ll most probably expirience being embarass or producing worst output when you are a newbie, of course there’s what they call beginners luck but thats just a luck actually that might be one in a million.

This being a beginner what most hold us back to do what we really want
in carrer, relationship or in life. We dispise to look like a stupid, amateure, wanna be or wierd we all dont want that but thats the process of change, because this stage is necessary because from here you’re wieghing, measuring and learning the new field that you are trying to be part of.

The thing is that we are all subjected for change. it either we consciously change or unconsiously. I choose consciouse change as much as possible because it makes me feel that I am seizing my oppurtunity to live my life.

Actually the only person who mock us is ourselves, because as we all know we know who we are, we have that inuition the vibration or the instict to know where we are… though actually if you ask other people they might say your just fine or doing good, maybe someone will say your not doing well that is because maybe he dont know what your doing or his really good to that stuff.

For example I want to make a rap songs. So in order to learn how to rap you must know what you should rap about, no problem for me, i’ll rap about life, inspiration, courage, love etc.

next i must learn how to rhyme, no problem for me, because as per the articles that I read about rhyming, a rhymer must be a broad reader and writes alot, well I am a blogger and as a blogger you should also be a wide reader and write alot then rhyming is not a big deal for me.

Now here is the part where I have bit of challenges, How to Flow… How to mix your voice on the beat…

When your rap it doesent mean you just rhyme words or say something that have sense, when you rap and speak up your verses you are responsible to make it sound good where you will minimize the verbal pausing, sometime you can use some word like yow, yeah, okay just to fill the empty space and keep the listeners on the hook. AT the beginning i dont notice that because when you are newbie your interest is just to hear your voice but eventually you’ll notice that you need to do more better on what your doing before not because its bad but you just want to try what if you put some more effort on your flow. there are many people who rap that didn’t matter on what their flow but on what they want to say and keep it in the rhyme. If your verse is in rhyme and with sense then match to the beat that would be it! but having a little flavor of flow will make it more better. If you listen to other rap song that i made you can feel that i am lack of flow, i uploaded them in youtube, sometimes i myself despice my voice but when i remember the story behind of those songs i deeply appricate it, actually those songs is what push me to better my craft, not just in rap but in many aspect of my life.

Secondly is mixing your voice to the beat… Before when i heard you gotta do some reverb or echo on your voice I say “WHAT?” thats not good, its altering your real you… but the thing is that all of the recording artist be it in rap or in other genre uses this effects, its just a natural processing which were doing in food too, you dont consume raw foods most of the time, well it is good but sometimes it not good too. In recording reverb, dubbing and echo I think is natural effects to enhance your voice and matched it up to the instrumental beats. Before when I am not using those effects i heard my voice is so dry had some stuff i made and its really not good to listen too and Im not motivated to uploade it and just delete it, i felt my effort and time is waisted but again in end I notice that I learn many things from that, one is that there are some alteration in life that is necessary, you can live without it but there is also nothing wrong if you utilize it.

In end there’s lots of stuff to learn and to know but dont make mistake to assume that you should learn all the stuff before you can take your turn to try, we all need is a basic knowledge or sometimes we all need is our guts and let the result guide us.


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