“I want to prove myself” Quoted MJ 23

As per the articles, documentary and interviews
of Michael Jordan he did not deny the truth
that after all of his achievements he also
expirience failures…

As a matter of fact there is a famous quote from
him where he said…

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed…”

Which is very inspiring for me because imagine
an athlete considered as a greatest player of all time
do mistake, fault and also expirience failure.

This message tell us that we can be like Mike too
despite of our past failures.

But what intrigues me is the reason why he work
so damn hard?

As per his interview his teammates said that doing
practice to him is like playing the real game.

In a first glance you might think that MJ just
want to prove himself.

You might say thats the reason why he answer
back to all critiques

like they said he cannot defend his offender
then after that here’s MJ become one of the best defensive player in NBA

they said his not that good in shooting
then here’s MJ become one of the master of Fade Away jumper

They said he cannot lead a team to Championship
Well as a basketball fan we know that he lead Chicago Bulls for 6 Championship.

That is too heavy and you might say thats why
he is the greatest!

But if you will play basketball or do anything in
life and you will hold to the idea of “proving yourself”

I am sure that your not going to enjoy the game, the job
or whatever you will do.

Because Proving youself for others or even for yourself
is not enough to fuel your spirit to do the extra mile
or to take that extra pain.

If you do it for approval of others it easy to say
that “what the heck” about others! this is my life!

If you do it for yourself approval you might say
What the heck about myself I am contend to what I am now!

You cannot blame yourself because both reason is reasonable
your logical mind will agree to it automatically as well your
creative mind.

A purpose that is compose of too much EGO will easily
be run out empty when the situation gets harder.
So you might say… You mean MJ tricking us?

Of course not! the thing is some people didn’t
heard the whole thing!

Yes MJ do want to prove himself when he join
NBA but if you will listen or read closely
from his interviews he is there on the court
playing because he want what he is doing…

His there playing for the LOVE of the Game!

Thats the reason why MJ gone too far because
of his Love…

Scripture said the LOVE can indure everything


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