I’ve learned and confirmed that when
it comes to anything be it buying
a phone, computer, cloths, car, house
or even choosing a lifestyle what
matters most is WHAT WORKS FOR YOU…

I mean forget what is trending, classy
or “cool” but what matters most
is if “it works for you”

When I say it WORKS FOR YOU it means
simply you are comfortable to that…
You are free, happy and it feels “YOU”
and if it feels like your so “awkward”
from others don’t worry about it-

Trust me it’s much better to be awkward
than be who is not you-

I been on those both situations, I tried
to flow along medicore vibe, chasing the
trends and also tried to just be who I am
and stick to what I just need and keep
the stuffs that works the way I wanted.

Obviously I choose the latter… I’d prefare
to be weird on the eye of others rather than
be a strangers to my own eyes.

Were all travelers on this life and we might
be heading on the same direction but we
are taking the journey in different ways…
Some are concern to the stock of food, some
are concern on the direction their heading
and some are concerning on the place to
sleep over.

We all have our own unique ways and from those
angles dont expect an approval because surely
theres a high chance of disapointment. Those
non-approval are not rejections but a clear
sign of “UNIQUENESS” of individual and what most
important is you know who you are and embrace
that you…

What works for you might not work or work for me
and we all know that but what we didn’t ask is


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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