Why are you doing what your doing right now? Is it because you want to survive or to live? It’s easy to be confused on these two because common understanding is in order to be alive you need food, shelter and that’s it! But we all know deep down inside of us that there is more than that. When we were child we have a dream, a fairytale like, I my self dream to slay a dragon or be a super hero but why when we get older those dream and enthusiasm seems fading away?

When I was young I observed most of the adults life become less fun, while others convince me that adulthood is cool! Those cool dudes are very rare and I say to my self why those other adults didn’t do those guys are doing? Its stupid to think why they can’t do the cool dudes are doing? But eventually when I step-in to the world of adulthood I discover that in order to live that kind of life style you need a ton of courage because in adult world the first rule you must understand, learn and apply is that you will decide for yourself… In childhood days your number one responsibility is to follow orders but in adulthood is you make your own move, you decided what game plan you’ll going to play but I guess most of us get stuck to the childhood days where we are trying to look to someone who can give orders to us… I will not be surprise why many people today prepared being employee than running his own business. I feel guilty actually because as of now I am one of those people who want to run their own business but still prepared to be an employee because I got to admit that I am still don’t have the tons of courage to shift on that kind of life style.

I would say life is like a roller coaster ride if your in top you look down and if your down you look up, just like having business and work, if you’re a businessman there time’s how you wish you just have a job so you’ll expect that there will be sure income coming in your bank account while if you’re an employee how you wish you where a businessman so you don’t need to worry on being fired.



Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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