POINT OF VIEW(S) Punto de vista(S)

What is the correct point of view to look into?
My answer is I dont know
but what I am very sure about is
there’s a ton or zillion point of view
in all aspect of life, many of them
maybe are not yet being written yet.

For me it feel’s right that we
must try to understand several
point of views wheter this is about life
or little things.

Because this is the only way
for us to provoke growth, comfort
zone rarely take us to another
place but a curiouse mind due to
some anonymous weird point of view
will bring us to another dimension.

This blogsite which is formerly
a RockyRivera.wordpress.com having
much of articles under category of “Fact’s of life”
is now change to D-NOBELIZT and I am
convince that most of my articles
will goes to “Punto De Vista” or Point of view.

RockyRivera.wordpress.com before
is about learning and enjoying self-help
books and stuffs then now in new blogsite name

I decided that it’s time to focus on
“sharing”, I believe that even though
world wide web today are crowded by
blogsite about life etc. very few
are being authentic and ethusiastc
by sharing their point of view so
in end your just receiving
a “pointless” View.

A point of view obviously must have
a “point” if you hate or love it
simply say it (or type it) no problem
to sugar coat it but make it sure
somewhere in your article you’ll
say clearly what is your point.

It’s just like being a traveler
and being asked by another traveler
about a certain place, we all have
point of view how to be in a certain place
share them your direction how to get there
or if you dont know how simply say that you
dont know.

Point of views are like that, if you
know how to be in some certain place
I dont see any harm to share it whether
you think that’s a dumb way to do, you
never know for other’s case that make
a good sense but please make your point
clear if your saying you’ll go to North
East stick the target and don’t be
twisted that you’ll be heading to North
West because that kind of point of view
is something that I would say we should
keep ourselves away from it.


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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