This been discuss many time to other sites
but please read on…
This will goanna be a quick one
… I guess.
It’s about being crazy with style.
It’s being responsible to important things
not to the task’s that handover to you
and just blindingly doing it!

Living to the fullest can be done
whether your employed or unemployed

I say it’s not what you have or
who you are but the question is
do you really know your bounderies?
and do you ever try to challenge
thoese limitations?

I am a believer of being content
and to some people “Living to the Fullest”
is some sort of abusing yourself
or other resources. If that ever happen
those people doing it without style
if eventualy they will fall on
ugly result.

We are being content by progression
not by limitation.

I know you already read or heard
many explanation about “Living to the MAX!”

But if I may share a wisdom of advice
to you I’ll say it like this…

Do it with style that you’ll look
good at it…


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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