Nobody wants to be bored
even the people who dont
want to step outside there
comfort zone despise “boredome”

But sometimes we get lost
and we fall on the act of “pretending”
doing stuffs that makes us
look like living a life but
deep inside of us we are masquerading
our true self, the truth is
we’re already tired and we just
want to laid back and do simple
stuffs but we resist to
do this because we misunderstood
the difference of having a space
and being boring.

Living life to the fullest
doesent mean your circeling
the world but inside of you
you feel draggin your soul.

Maybe you are just in the
prison-like job but your
so full of inspirastion
to live with passion and
not just color your world
but much as well the
life of each person you
go along with your journey.

But just like all of the
natural beings in this
universe we all have
our turn to back-off,
pause for a while and relax.

Sometimes we need to
put a void, gap or a space
in our life, not to proscrastinate
but to feel, internalize or
to reflect what we’ve been through
and what we want on the next
chapter of our life…

Gathering expirience is useless
if we will not set a time
to appriciate it. We need a time
doing nothing… and just appriciate…

And doing this you’ll never feel
bored, actually you feel more…
you want to do more and dont make
mistake being in the state of
appriciation is not something we
must taken for granted, there
are times that its hard to be
in this mode so I suggest when this
feelings hit you let go your
self to it and let it flow.


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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