Okay! Finally the #MAYPAC
event or so called “Fight of the
Century” mania already subside-

And this article is not about
praising or booing neither of
this fighters. I am convince
that netizens today already
lay it down the facts, figures,
theories etc.

And it’s really up to
you what to believe!

I just want to share what
I conclude after the event.

Its not about Maywheather
zero loss or Pacmans injured

But after the fight the issues
and drama arises what excites
and lead me to this conclusion.

My conclusion is not about
who’s next Muhammad Ali but what
standout the most for me is
the kind of lifestyle we have

On this days being a typical
Good Guy like Manny Pacquiao
seems not enough to win the
game nor Hard work is not enough
to get the title!

Yes I read somwhere in my
FB Feed that Pacman wins
the heart but we all know
in Sports what matter is
the score or the Decision
of the officials and if
neither of those are infavor
to you that means you lose!

Audience impact never been
counted in the game book
it is only being counted
on marketing reviews and sales
but in the game itself, the
audience are just like a cherry
on top or a spices
to the main dish.

I am heartbroken too like
many Pacman fans it makes
me feel the same way I felt
way back 2005 where I was
one of those employee
who assisted Pacman Hero’s
Welcome in SM Manila
after he lose his fight
against Morales, back
then Pac still had that
Probinsyano vibe, wearing
loose barong and his
Oakley shades but today
many things changes
you can notice that
it seems in terms of
fashion he improves alot!
Theres many reason to
love Pacman anyway.

But after this match
that very clear golden
boy image is getting blurry
it’s not because he lose
the fight but what irks
me is their blaming the man
on his unannounced injury.

Maybe back then if this
happen people will admire
Pacman on being courageouse,
brave, heroic etc. but I guess
due to the big amount of money
involve in this fight especially
the bet that is being cast
to the fighters the emotional
wave of the culture change.

People Change
Media Change
Boxing Change
Sports Change

This is the face of my century

Its not easy to say which one
of the fighter is ideal to become…

Do you want to be like Maywheather?
Clever, Rich and Undefeated?

Or do you want to be like Pacquiao?
Good man, Giver but vulnerable?

When we talk about being a winner
I say both of them can do
the job, it only lies on you…
who you want to be?

Maybe when I was in my teens
the crowds response matter alot
but now like I said earlier
it only really matters when we
talk about sales but when we want
to know the truth or you want
to define the meaning of winner
or CHAMPION the information that
you need to know are available
but information’s purpose is
just you to be informed and not
to conclude and that’s your
job to conclude how you define
certiain stuffs in life which
one do you choose? what is convincing
to you? are you being persuade by
the crowd or by the facts?

That #MAYPAC event makes me
realize that in the end of all
what matter at most is not the
call of referee, not the cheers
of the crowd or the decision
of the officials but what matter
most is how you treat yourself
after the event.


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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