The subject of death
or “life after death” is very
interesting and entertaining
at the same time.

Though we know that
the search for the answers
will only leave us

Nobody knows exactly
what life is after death
or if there
is really life after death?

because logically you need
to die first and go back
to life in order to

and I guess
it’s hard to find a
volunteer for that! Especially
if you dont had the assurance
that you can bring the
dead into life back.

But still we are curiouse
and engauging to any materials
available that would like
to re-explore this topic
maybe not to find answer
but hoping to know something
that make sense-

Anyways this film might be
your typical “about death”
movie but it will bring
you on the other side of
the subject that you might
overlook before. Yes!
it will not give you the
answer if there’s a life
after death but it will
make you re-think to
change the question about

Personally I dont like
the movie but I love it!
Maybe because Lucas (Toby Nichols)
and I had the same Macbook 😀
or Tim Meadows as Chris Brighton
really got me by his lines about
his take on death or dying.

Just like what you’ll read
on other review this is a feel
good movie! I dont want to
write anything more about it
because I want you personally
to capture the gist of this movie.



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