This is a Russel Crow movie so
base on whose the main actor you
can expect that this is a quality

But as high quality film
we’re talking about not all
high-end stuffs can be pleasing
or entertaining to the masses…
Water Diviner movie is like
a drama with a very mild
mix of thriller and action.
Overall it is a Good film for me-

Its nice to watch at first but
as I am favoring to keep
inspiring and entertaining
films this kind of movie is not
the kind for me to put in my collection
but it is a movie that I should
not miss.

If your looking for a film
that you want to write something
about like facts of life, moral lessons
etc. this film has lots of stuffs
to discuss and write about.

That’s why I recommend this
film to all bloggers/writers
to watch especially if your
looking for a reference about
family, father, war, son, regret,
responsibility and many more.

For me the scenario where his
wife commited suicide really make
a mark. Because it seems his sons
was reported dead three years ago
and his wife sentiment is why
he is not doing something to find
his sons. As Russle Crows character
there are many question and counter
questions about the kind of father
or person he is-

This what makes this movie a must
watch for me but as what I said
not a type of movie I would keep.


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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