Well NBA Finals 2015 already
started as I am writing this
blog… the season is tied
to 1-1. And I am
wondering what Derrick Rose might
be doing this time? Is he in the gym
doing his routine or taking an off to
recover from this past Play-off games?

I am hyped-up on D. Rose return
this season but also nearly disapointed
when he almost being reinjured
but again at the end
he didn’t let me down when he and
the Bulls reach the Playoffs.

For me Chicago Bulls
reaching the Playoffs is enough but
it amazed me alot when they push it
further. I would say Bulls should
not feel bad on this season. Because
after all of what happen on this team
then managing to almost reach the finals
is a miracle for me.

Honestly what I feel is that
D. Rose is kinda hurt and not that
fully recovered and I say he must rest well on this off season and think on how to play smarter next year.

I also feel that even though he had that devastating
injuries and reinjured, he still
got his “prime” maybe not that sharp
compare before but enough to be one
of the key player to lead Chicago on
another trip to Playoffs/Finals but in
order to take that Championship ring
he needs someone to hang-on. I wish
Paul Gasol will stick around and the rest
of the players who’s doing a pretty Good
job as a wingman.

I’ll give D. Rose another 2 season to
comeback big! and I mean to comeback
and take that ring(s) but after 2 season
and still he didn’t get it…

Well I hate to say
that maybe that’s it!

But still I persist that D.Rose
will rise!



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