Commonly a great
novel would’t be great in a film

But I would say not in this one…

Starring Jack Lemmo as Morrie and
Hank Azaria as Mitch Albom the film
is kinda 16 years old while I am
writing this blog.

I would slightly agree that the film might
not 100% grasp all of what is in
the book but I am confident to say
that the film express
the same message that the book did.

After watching this
you might be convince to
re-evaluate your life and
will make you curiouse to
check your goals and relationships.

If you already read the book
you are familiar to the heart
warming quotes of Morrie that
say something about love, relationship
death and love. In this movie
I would say Jack Lemmo deliver it
pretty well though for me it seems
the scenario is made-up on a lite mode
unlike on how I imagine where
it’s kinda dark but with a sweet

Most of the people would
recommend to read the book
instead of watching it, so do I…

But watching it is not a time
waster… It’s kinda walking thru
the story again in different approach.

I reccommend this to the beginners
who doubt themselves to handle
the intense emotion that the book
may offer. Watch the movie first
then read the book… how about that?


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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