My mind is just chewing this
one of Morrie’s memorable quote

“Whats wrong on being number

As what I remember Mitch said
that Morrie thought that lesson
on the middle of an heated
game event where people are
chanting “WE’RE NUMBER 1!

And this question needs no
any answer because the
question itself is the answer…

What’s wrong on being number
two? number three, four….?

What’s wrong on that?

Why don’t we just be happy
on the result we had?

Maybe because people
love conflict and complications
and the worst part is we are
unconscious on that fact.

I myself as an old time
blogger/writer rarely hit the
number one spot in TOP BLOG Site
and believe it or not that
didn’t really matter to me
since day one I made this
blog site public.

Sometimes I laugh at myself
when my blogsite is not even
mention on the Top Blog list
which it happen most of the

I said to myself “so what?”
I write because I love the
idea of sharing that might
help, inspire or expand someones
idea in some particular subject
in growt or life.

I dont blog for the sake of
ratings or popularity. I
write because I enjoy connection,
Sharing and inspiring somebody.

I wouldn’t deny the fact
that being number one makes me
proud to myself, of course I do
but I dont put that to my priorities
I dont even include that in my

What’s important to me is
being free to be authentic
and lively enough to be enthusiastic,
in order for me to turn my
expirience, hindsights, thoughts
etc into my writings and
hopefully reach out to the
people might need it.

By the way Morrie and Mitch
are the main characters on the
book/film titled “Tuesday with
Morrie” it’s about a story
of a dying man who thought on
how to live, A reunion of
Teacher and student on unlikely

This quotes is very rich and
lots of stuffs you can squeeze
or you can also write another
book just to explore what
it means but for me
as of now here’s what I
can say…

What’s wrong on being number two?

I guess nothing…

Love ROcky



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