INSIDIOUS 3 (Comment)


Who would not be excited
on Insidious 3?

People who didn’t know
about it but  horor film
fanatic might be lucky
in some point of view
because unlike us they
will not suffer on the
long wait of the release
of this 3rd chapter.

Anyways I3 (Insidious 3)
is already out and like
many other Horror Film fan
like myself didn’t waist
time so here’s what I say
after feisting the film…


What I’ve expect is
the movie will tell about the
childhood story of Elise
where it will show her journey
of becoming a medim but
what I theorize is wrong.

Anyway I’ll put the story
on “okay” category. Not because
I am disapointed or wanting more.
In fact the movie is mixed pretty
well, not dragging or fast phase.

As a broad minded audience
and a fan of this movie I would
say if I am the one who run’s
this franchise the I3 is the part
where you will gear-up the audience
to a big shift so they will not
be too overwhelmed and had much
of stuffs to digest later on.

I myself dont have a certain idea
what that shift would be? Maybe it will
tell something about more of the
Elise past and the connecting dot
of the black spirit woman.

As we all know in the end of
I2 Elise is still there as a ghost
with her team so the I2 ended
with a very open and welcoming
continuation of this franchise.

But talking I3 per se the delivery
is great! story might be not that
unique comapre to I1 or I2 but it
is something that must not missed
as a HOrror fan film.


All character on this film are
great, their role’s are well exposed
and some of them had a open ended
role that might be use on future
INSIDIOUS film like Carl, The Old man
with a old woman in the  building,
the young woman who’s a
protagonist in this movie.

The story about Elise Husband that
happens to be a medium like herself
can be stretch or elaborate on the
future INSIDIOUS film because for
me it’s quite interesting how he
commit suicide though according to
Elise it’s driven by depression but
that statement only elicit more buzz
and making people becom more interested
on the details.


Comparing to I1 and I2 the SCARY
FACTOR of I3 is not as creepier as
1 or 2 but that doesent mean it
is not that scary. Comparing Elise
Journey to “The Further” from
1 and 2 in I3 they make it centered
to the “man who cannot breath” which
I would say not bad.

SCARY FACTOR pattern is different
from I1 and I2 because the struggle
is actually on Elise instead on her


I say the movie is recommended
and it really depends to a viewer
if this film copy is for keep, because
if your a FAN of the Franchise
for me it’s a must to keep it! because
this is a gear-up point where you
explore the plot of Elise. But if your
just a plain HOROR Fan who collect
film depending on it’s scary impact
this film might make you think twice.



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