World Peace! is what everybody
desires but how? We convince
people to be religiouse but
in end the result only become
more complicated or we push
some sort of lifestyle
to live by and still instead
of having a convincing result
what we get is more shady

I am 32 now, living in a
very fast phasing world
and some might say I am
still young but in my
point of view living in
my era 32 is just like being
at 45 years old to the
point of view of people
who was born on 70’s.

Thru those years
That I live here in earth
I am convince to
conclude that what we
all need is not a “uniform
mindset or lifestyle”
I believe if your
living in a specific lifestyle
or doctrine that doesent
mean you should convert the
whole world to be on that
lifestyle or mindset and
from that you’ll expect
that the world will be a
better place to live. Because
this is not only far from
reality but obviously
not working out from last
million years.

There is nothing wrong
to share the outcome
you produce by following
some doctrines or lifestyle
but when you share dont
expect people will always
appriciate  your offers
even this is the best,
the truth! or its free.

People is just like
that, we’re different
and we’re same at the
same time. We can be
complicated or care free
that’s why we are
fascinating creature
and horrible sometimes
but whatever you say
what we are in order
for us to still exist in
this world we must learn
how to live in harmony.

Just keep that word
in mind “Harmony”
I cant agree much on
the word “balance”
because it seems not
really fit the glove
to what is happening.

But harmony is what
really happen in life.
This is doable, effective
and intelligent to pursue.

Maybe people contradicting
the idea of harmony itself
is part of us to be harmonized
or maybe after all we are
already living harmoniusly
and being cast away on that
realization is part of being

Who knows?



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