Being a freethinker can be compare to
a underdog. At first they
seems like hopeless or pointless
but eventually it will struck
you with an awe of surprise!

We see it many times
and we would demand for more.

A no name challenger who
boxed-out the Champion or It
can be like a Bill that has a
rediculouse demand of rights
then it is being accepted and
become a law.

I claim to be a “freethinker” for
me a freethinker is someone who
are Open to everything but trying
to be unattached to it.

A freethinker is someone who
pursue a higher awareness, someone
who had a free room for growth.

Who wants freedom? Of course
we all do but not all of us
are willing to take the responsibility
of being free or many are not
aware that even being free
has a responsibility with it.

Being free doesent mean being
less responsibility, the more
you become free the more your
loads of responsibilities you’ll had
but not the kind of responsibility
a slave had. Though the
responsibility demands more
of awareness and acceptance.

Sometimes life has no any
warnings, when you choose
to be free and take the
benefits of it you’ll not being
inform that eventually you’ll
pay the price of being free.
And when that time came most
of us are shocked and felt
that we made a wrong choice
so we spread the word
of fear and blurry conclusion
that being free is somesort
of crazy idea and we should
be comfort to the slow death
mentality of slavery lifestyle.

Whether we like it or not
being organized is being organize
by a person or group of people
who had a limited beliefs who
has a close mind. Whether we like
it or not we freethinkers are most
of the time being cast out and our
ideas is labled as redicoulus.

I cant think as of now who govern
a country or a state that has
a freethinking mindset all leaders
honorable o unhonorable has only
one point of view and not much
willing to bend that view.

No doubt freethinkers
can awake and liberate our
fellow men but after that can
we really govern them?



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