Most people had a
main stream religion. Since
then religion is like a home
address, you need to have
one as a part of your identiy.

Of course in every main stream
religion there is that
religiouse “Icons”

you may call them Priest, Guru,
Espiritual Adviser, Rabbi or
in most Christian religions
we call them Pastor or Minister.

The title of this blog is
much as well a rhetorical question
to many… Of course they’ll say
they see the Minister
as Minister maybe
not to all but almost.

But in reality we look to
Minister as God Like. That’s
why it comes to a point where
we put them to our microscopes
to find glitches of character
that might contradict on what
they preach and guess what
most of the time we succeed
to find loop holes to their
life styles and that make
us feel good.

We feel good because in
some point we can say to
ourselves that


Though we know the fact that
if the day where we will be
weighed in the front of our
creator we are not able
to use this as an excuse.

Whatever we do, thats part
of our responsibility already.
Our choice is who we are
the consiquence is right there
since the moment we made
the choice and nobody
can escape from it, maybe
you can delay it but it will
not disappear.

A student’s mistake due to
wrong teaching of the Teacher
is not a mistake of the student.

But a student must not be dependent
to the teacher’s teaching because
the idea of learning is to be
independent by your own reasoning
and understanding, to understand
and to make reason is natural
from us but not enough to be
independent because being independent
means you are willing to live
what you believe and that only
possible if your willing to be
wronged if ever eventually you
discover that your beliefs is
not matching to what you expect.

It’s far much better to found
out that what you consciously
choose to believe is wrong rather
than being enslave to a shaddy
beliefs that you hold on and
not even try to question or
scrutinized it because your
comportable that there are many
subscribers in this belief so
they might did that already
so why waste time? You might say
to yourself! And that my friend
is what I call slave mentality…

I been there before, I know
what it feels like and the
more you are being told to
let go from it the more you
are determined to stay.

And this article is not another
form of disturbance to anybodys
faith but consider it as a report.

Yes a report that will say something
about the evolution of a man’s
belief from mainstream religion
to a wider perspective…

The title of article might
already said what I want to say
and I am here not convincing anybody
to turn their back to their current
beleifs whether that is mainstream,
indie, underground or freestyle religions

All what I want to say or ask is

Do you see your Minister as Minister
or God Like?

Good day!



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