I know patching NBA Live or
NBA2k is not new anymore, infact
I just start patching my NBA2k14
last week and just finished
converting it into PBA mode because
the wifi signal in my place
is unbelivably slow and unreliable
but due to my courageous persitence
thanks God! I finally get it!

So far as I am playing the PBA2K14
I would say that the team behind
the patching really did a very good
job. I been playing NBA games
since the first issue of PlayStation 1.
I bought almost all kind of NBA games
and what really stand out for me is NBA
Live series and the NBA in the Zone.

Around year 2001 I quit playing video games
and tried to live my life without it…

Last 2013 as my desire to return to
the sports that I’m passionate about (basketball)
the interest as well on playing it in
the video game intrigue me as well.

My teammate told me that the NBA vids
game today evolutionize far beyond
that I would imagine and after seing the
NBA2k seires I say to myself I should
give this a try!

But before jumping to NBA2k14 I
tried playing NBA Live 08. There
are also many improvement that I noticed
though the game is almost as old
of my seven years old son. Not bad!

Live 08 is good! I could stick
with it for a long time but when
I tried NBA2k14 as much as I love
NBA Live I want to give my self
a chance grow and explore and so
far NBA2k14 really entertains me.

The enjoyment will last in a
very very long time when I started
converting my NBA2k14 into PBA2k mode.

I can say that the game itself
looks like an actual PBA version of
NBA2k, well of course there are some
minor glitches and as of now the
voice of commentators is difficult
to alter but still it’s a amazing
job by our Pinoy Patchers!

The game, the fans, the cyberface
and the way the player’s play the
game really put me in frenzy, It
seems they are so real and in some
way it make me feel nostalgic because
way back on 1998 players like me
are dreaming that one day we can
have a NBA Live in PBA version and
now our wish is fulfilled wiht bonuses
because once you patch your NBA2k14
the Philippine NCAA and UAAP
team are also included and how about
that as a bonus? 😀

It takes alot of passion and love
to make this happen, definitely
people behind this are a big
fan of the game. I myself is a
programmer too and I strongly
believe that skills it self is
not enough but the passion to
this kind of project is what’s
really on top to make this

Thank you to our Pinoy patchers there
and soon hopefully I might contribute
something to support you guys.

Again Big Thanks!



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