It’s sad to know the stories
of people who’ve being
discriminated whether by
race, religion or just being
randomly selected to be discriminated.

Discrimination= Bullying and
thats a fact.

People whom doing this
cannot be fully change
or whiped out from our
society, maybe we can
minimize them to its
tiniest figures but eventually
they will reproduce and
be back on game then
minimized it again and that’s
life, it keeps on rolling
there are season for discriminators
and season for moderators.

If discrimination truly exist
and will remain do we need
to be threaten about that?
Well of course nobody wants
to be discriminated and we all
want to be free to be who we

Instead of being worried
I believe we must start
to be informed or aware.

As an individual it seems
unwiser to go against discrimination
per se, being wild all the time
is not an ideal choice but
as a matter of fact it should
be consider a last resort.

I would say that we must accept
the fact that there are really
a group of people who descriminate
in certain point and we might
not notice that we are also
discriminator too… As I look
to the mirror and check my ego
I confirm that I also being discriminator
unconsiously in some point.

Because there
are some certain beliefs that
we cant just quickly adapt due
to the old beliefs that we
gain before. I say that’s
who we are as a human
of course when we accept
a belief we take it by
open arms and not half hearted.

We must also try to keep
in mind that those people
who discriminate might be
the victim too! Maybe they
hate some certain beliefs
not because they choose to
hate it but they are trained
to disgust it. But if they
will have the chance to explore
that certain point of view
they might change their thinking.

I know it’s easy to say
than done but whether we like
it or not discrimination is
part of our life and hating
them is kinda waist of time
and energy as per my personal
expirience, instead once we
encounter this kind of people
let’s accept the fact and focus
to the possible strategy
to handle them by force or
by being wise and kind… I
prefer the latter-



Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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