There are many forms of religion and
everybody has it’s own religion
but the question is are you
a member to the mainstream one?

I mean is your religion are
the one that being known,
respected or being feared by the

If not that means your religion
aint mainstream enough…

Before a religion become mainstream
it should be registered by law and
after that there’s no more holding
back because it is now depends on to
the keepers hands how they’ll
handle it to prosper until they
reach the level of “mainstream”

I dont have any complain on
being in mainstream in fact
there is a time that I want
to do something to make this
blogsite reach the mainstream
status but I’m in curiosity to myself
if I can handle the responsibility
of being in mainstream.

There are few moments in my life
where I witness or atleast
taste the tiny bit of being
in mainstream and my conclusion is

“you’ll get more
than enough and you must give more
than enough all the time!”

The catch on being in mainstream
is that once you become mainstream
there is no way going back.
It’s either you stay mainstream
or you die! There are very few who
have a chance to came back to
their normal life and
almost all of them who made it
are broken or had a scars
that they’ll carry
for a lifetime.

When you become a member on
a mainstream religion obviously
that will become part of your
identity, part of your lifestyle
and automatically you have the
responsibility to depend it and
to be part of its growth.

A mainstream religion usually
become a organization and sadly
there are times that the organization
become more important than the
doctrine. The label of the organization
is more important rather than
living what’s in their doctrine.

It’s very rare to someone
who’s born without a religion
being assigned to them, it is
mandatory once you registered
your name your religion will follow.

The challenge on surviving without
religion is how you break away
to the tradition that you’ve
use to live with for almost
the rest of your life since you
are born.

The “CONS” of not having a mainstream
religion is being prone to
being discriminated or suspected
as a spy or a common target to be
a recruite. It’s even challenging to
say to someone who will ask about
your religion and say that you
are not a member of
any mainstream religion because
once you say that you had the
inkling of being condemed.

The only “PROS” is that you
had a personal satisfaction
of knowing that you are aware
to what you are subscribing in
instead of just blindly going
to the flow of the crowd, well
there is a very short list
of PROS on not having a mainstream
religion because very few
people who can manage to live
in this status.

Im not saying that mainstream
religion is evil and not having
one is a right choice! I also
subscribe on mainstream religion
since child like most anybody else and
also I know the fact that it doesent
necessarily means someone who
are not member to any mainstream
religion is bad person and it is not
an assurance that a person who
are devoted to some mainstream religion
is not capable doing hideous act.

But I wish that we should give
room to people who are not yet
convince or decided yet which group
or organization they want to be
with because since before we
are pressuring them so most of them
made a dummy status just for the
sake of safety of not being judge
or discriminated.

The question of life after death
or where their soul will be when
they die is a subject where we
should slow down because in this
topic where we lost the purpose
of praising a God because eventually
what happen is we serve God because
we want to take something from
him rather than serving him because
of love.




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