I guess I found the real deal
or the main man of where this
psychological, self-help or
positive attitude came from…

Doctor Richard Bandler seems
the founder of all of this
because if your going to
root it down all of this
stuffs are somewhat or almost
related to NLP or Neuoro Lingustic

I am still in the learning process
about this technology or program
and so far what I understand is
that NLP is a strategic pattern
where people can use this
in order for them to be effective
and gain freedom to their lives.

I watch several video and currently
reading some books of Dr. Bandler
and I always being in the state
of AHA! Though there are some stuffs
that is really deep to dig-in but
the way he explain it is kinda lite
where people like me who are not
really into hypnossis or psychology
can hang on.

There are some of his talks and
also he wrote to some of his
books that he is aware that many
people used his stuffs and earn big
amount of money without having a
proper agreement to him but it seems
he is not taking it a big deal maybe
because eventually the REAL thing
will prevail.

Dr. Bandlers teaching is not
new if you read it, there are
some people who already said
what he is saying but if you check
the dates Dr. Bandlers stuffs
about NLP and others will be
a proof that he is the one who
said it first! Also if you read
his books and watch his seminars
and talks you will get more idea
about it another proof that this
guy is the one who really know
this stuffs.

I had a strong feeling that in
our education system we should
include NLP because mastering
NLP seems as much as mastering
yourself and after all thats
all we need as a stepping stone
or a final lesson because
knowing yourself or being
able to manage yourself
is almost the half of achievement
someone can get in his/her lifetime.

I dont know if Doctor BAndler
can read this but I want to give
him one of my higherst salute
of gratitude on sharing this knowlege
to mankind.




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