This is a hard fact and
a common knowledge to everyone
but of course it is not
commonly appriciated or
accepted by many…

In fact it is persistently
being denied and some people
choose to be delusional rather
simply accept the truth.

Whether your into some sort
of ultimate restoration
process, let say doing yoga,
detoxing, being a fulltime
vegan etc. we all know that
our body is deteriorating
and the expiration date of it
will come and we had
nothing can do to stop that
but the only option
is to accept it or else you’ll
be just bitter until your final

It’s a very dark fact isn’t?
But if you look closer the
message is very enlightening
and freeing!

Because this “truth” will
remind us that nobody will
live forever and we should
actually be thankfull to
the oppurtunity of having
a chance to have a slice
of time to take a journey
in this world.

We really dont have obligation
when we were born execpt the
fact that we must feed and shelter
ourselves, life is simply just
like that but humans are highly
creative beings so eventually
we instill a belief that
we should aquire some sort of
things, reputations etc
in order to have a “decent” life.

From this point life become
interesting and complicated
at the same time…

Nobody had the answer why
we really exist here in
earth or universe but all
what we have is confident
answers like to have purpose, to
serve god etc. But my
guts is telling me that
life must be enjoy, for me
life should be a series
of celebration.

Everyday, every hour, every
minute and mili second
our body is wearing down
doesent matter if your taking
care of it or not in someway
there are part of you that
dying quickly, maybe its
your heart, liver, lungs, brain

If what we have right now
has its limited time instead
of thinking how to stop the clock
what if we think how to capitalize
what we have so when the time
that it will be taken away
from us we will dont have
any blemish of regrets from it?

There is nothing new in this
suggested thinking to view
life, I guess you already
heard this or in some way
think of it too…

I want to discuss this
in this blogsite because
I dont like people been
in the vicious cycle that
I been thru before.

I was a person who despise
to this thinking that
we are dying moment by moment
because back then I was
a so called “positive person”
but as we get matured we
slowly open ourselves to what
is really happening and guard
down our mental defense.

I realize that we cannot
run away from this… so consuming
your time to find answer on how
to escape from it or slower the
process is not just missing the
point of living but waisting
an enormous amount of time and
might be a once for a lifetime
oppurtunity to enjoy earth
or just being in physical world.

As I am writing this blog
I am in my 32 and sooner or later
I’ll turn 40 in no time
and who knows what
life I had that time? My question
to myself is em I going to waist
another 4-5 years of my life thinking
and doing stuffs
to lose weight, to look
younger by having a tight skin? Well
there’s nothing wrong on maintaining
your body but if this will become
a hindrance to live life that means
your unconsciously trying to violate
the law of life because your trying
to hord your youth and by doing that
your waisting time, time equals
to an oppurtunity to live life.

Life just like time will pass whether
you use it wisely or not so my
ask is this why we just think
how to invest our time/life doing
what we want rather than expending
our time/life thinking how to
slower the process of getting
old/dying because by focusing on
that we waist time and oppurtunities
rather than capitalizing them.



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