We had our moments where instead
we feel good to the so called
positive thinkers about their
views in certain situation
we become irritated and insulted.

Though deep in our heart we
know that they had a point
but there is a small details
they didn’t understand about
our individual situations were
in end of the day you can
consider it quits but still
its hard for us to just let
it pass like that without
being understood.

Of course being in a positive
mindset is good and we all
want to be on that state
forever if it is doable
though it is not possible
in reality so it recommends
to retune or recalibrate
ourselves to reach the
positive channel.

I am doing that since
before and still doing it
these days but now I just
finally to give in to the
fact that being in a
positive place is equally
important to think positive.

When I say be in positive
place what I mean is be
in a place that really
support who or what you are,
It is not only rely on
the place per se but the
people surrounds you are
also playing a big role
on being in “Positive Place”.

As what I’ve said in this blog
I buy the idea that basketball
is one of the good methaphor
in life. Basketball is being
played as a team not an individual
and same thing in life or having
an ideal lifestyle you want to

Focusing on “thinking positive”
only! is like playing
the basketball as a one man team.
You do all the scoring, defense
etc while the people in your line
-up are just a dummies who’s job
is to inbound the ball or be a
handler across the court. By doing
that you know that it will not last
it might be good sometimes but
using that as your default strategy
you know this wont last. Same
thing in having a positive lifestyle
being a “positive thinker” only
wont bring you furhter. It’s nice
that you are enthusiastic to
view the every moment in your
life as a positive thing but if you
put yourself in a place that contradict
your desired state you are just
like being a one man game in a team
which is design to fail sooner or

So if you want a life that is
made-up to a “positive theme” you
should start planning to choose
to be in a positive place, group
of people to mingle and maybe
a career that almost intune to
who you are. Just like building
a Winning Team in basketball you
should first start surrounding your
self a group of players who had
a desire to win and a coach who are
passionate on winning so in that
case you will not carry the dome at
your back, I am not saying you do
this so that you’ll have less
responsibility, of course not!
I am saying this because in this
case you can capitalize your gift(s)
or talent(s) further more instead
using your energy to the
responsibilities that you shouldnt
be doing. In real life for example
it is much better to go with
like minded people who are authentic
and enthusiastic rather than
to people who live in denial and
unexpressive because this people
instead helping you to be
the best you can be they hold
you back because your attention
is being consume on helping them
to solve their issues.

Theres nothing wrong to help our fellowmen but make it sure that
you done your part for yourself
before turning your attention to
others because a blind man who tries
to guide the blind are obviously
rediculouse. So before you help
make it sure to yourself that
your good, of course there are
many categories when it comes to
“help” there are petty and major
case to it but my point is
make it clear to yourself what
team are you trying to manage?
are you managing a winning team
or a training camp? in life
are you building your ideal positive
lifestyle or a foundation?
because they are totally different
and cannot be mixed-up or else
the result is disaster so dont
be twisted.

Come to think of it… its much
easy to feel relax when your
in Bali beach surrounded by
like minded positive people
but it takes effort to feel
relax when your in a distress
area and with a group of people
who had a default mindset of
complaining and blaming even
though they are well bless
in some area of their life.

To people who are in a so
called “distress” place or
if your surrounding right
now aint jaive in to who
you are I am inviting you
to at least do something to
try living in a place or being
in a group of people who
have almost alike to who you
are because I want you to
feel the difference of it
then after you have the taste
of it then you ask your self
how to change your lifestyle
to that.

Now to people who are in the
zone right now or people who
are currently in the highs of
being in positive state or alike
of this. I encourage you to widen
our perspective a little bit more
and try to listen and understand
more deeply to other who seems
in a unlikely situation though
you feel in your guts what is the
obvious move to make still be
patient and minimize our judgement
instead send love rather than
bragging remarks.



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