Whether your a free thinker,
highly aware being or the
“Enlighten One” please
consider this advice


Because even though you
prove your point and brought
them to the broad day light
but the “SLAVE MASTER” still
got them under his/her spell
your time and effort will turn
to waste.

Slaves are happy to be slave
their comfort zone is their
world and they are not willing
to risk this on a tag of war
conversation where their
whole core of belief system
is at stake. In every part of
life a total change over is
something we avoid as much
as possible, like re-arranging
your furniture, repainting of
house or reformating your PC/Laptop
and recollecting your contacts
to your phone book. Because
this takes a lot of work and
something that we should not
suppose to redo but admit it or
not after doing this it feels
refreshing and you proud to
yourself because you just
did the right choice!

Same thing on rebuilding or
changing your Core
Belief System even though
you feel in your gut that
theres a lot of glitches
and damage links on it you
feel uncomptable to make shift
into a new improve belief system
because it takes a lot lot of
work not just on rebuilding it
but also on how you handle
the change of lifestyle especially
if this is your first time but
I know that you have an inkling
of vision that if you did this
you’ll feel very good to yourself
because you just did the right thing.

This is a long-shot! if you want
to free a gazzilion of slaves
why dont go for the head of the snake?
cut that and the rest will be
much pretty easy to handle.
I know again this is easy to say
but close to impossible but
challenging the slaves is not
only impossible but a waste of time.

Challenge the SLAVE MASTER or straight
forward prove him wrong then expose
him/her and from that point you
take charge to the slaves and
from there were really freeing
the people.




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