I am not asking what is your problem
or is there a problem I am asking

When we pop-up in this planet
eventually we become familiar
to PROBLEM as we grew up.

But I believe the thing is
we really dont

Some people will say poverty

While some people say poverty
is just a state of your living
and that can be change, of course
it is easy to say than done to
some people but in the end
the point is if you are born in
poverty that doesent mean you’ll
die being in poverty because if that’s
the case to die as a poorman seems
your choice whether it is conscious
or unconscious choice so my point
here is poverty is not a PROBLEM
but just a “status” or a choice
of lifestyle.

Some might say the world is inbalance
that’s the PROBLEM, and
to that there are too
many people suffering in
poverty… but still I am not
much convince because as I look
around or dig-up more on news from
the web there are also too many
people who are enjoying to their
good fortune maybe the world is not
“INBALANCE” but our outlook or the
way we put our focus is the one
that we need to fix or improve and
possibly there are no PROBLEM at all
just not much being informed and
being informed or aware is a natural
process, its a part of nature and
I want to believe that nature is
the way what it is and no PROBLEM
about that!

So you may ask… Okay Rocky
whats your point? if thats the
case what is problem to you?

For me I feel that the problem
is a made-up word and it is being
over use and over rated. It seems
the word problem was given a
power to enslave and threat
people in fear. For me Problem
is almost misinterpret
o the word “QUESTION” or “ASK”

But if you’lll check the word PROBLEM
in Oxford dictionary University Press
it will say something
like this…

problem : an unwelcome or harmful
matter needing to be dealt with
and overcome > a thing that is difficult
to achieve.

As I explore the world of Self-Help,
Self-Growth, Hypnosis and NLP It make
me convince that the use of word(s)
has a huge impact on how we operate
our mind, body or to make it simple
it has a huge influence in our life.

Most of the time we actually didnt
encounter problem but we are being
ASK and when we are being asked
we just need to decide and be
RESPONSIBLE to what we choose.

Now when we gone into series of
cycle repeating the “ask and choose”
and still we didnt satisfy the
“ASK” still the word PROBLEM aint
necessary to use but instead
you can label it as DISCOVERY,

Maybe you know what I want to
point out and I’ll not make
this long I say that the word
problem should not be use
or maybe it should be use
sparingly because if you’ll
look closer the fact is theres
no problem at all! yes there are
some disease that is still uncurerable
and issues that still unsolve
but those are challenges
of growth, life aint life without
challenges and challenges is
part of life it aint a problem…

Challenges is way too different
from problem, challenges is a calling
to someone in order for him/her
to made a testimony that he/she
is living its actually like a
game! challenges is fun!

while problem as common people
view it is a burden and a threat
no fun at all! Big difference here.

So my point here is simply this
theres NO PROBLEM in your life
just want to put a game on you
so you better
learn how to play it or else
it will play on you!



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