I am kinda scary to the
subconscious ideas that I
am having these days…
because most of them relates
to after life. Maybe instead
of being scared I should
appriciate this moment of

Speaking of “enligthenment”
for me it seems that
we all want to live
a life free from regrets.

But we all know to ourselves
that there are some reason(s)
that we are regretful about.

Even though you convince
yourself that it is okay
you know to yourself that
if you can ever turn back
the time you will!

So why em I saying this?

Do I want you to savor
regret and self-pity?
Of course not! You know
That for real!

I am saying this because
I suggest to try living
in acceptance because
a life with denials is streesful
and no peace in it.

Acceptance is a hard heavy
word and I know it is not easy.
You’ll fail trying this, will be
back to step 01 but the good thing
is eventualy you’ll learn and
you’ll come to absorve your situation
and build a healthy, smart and
authentic conclusion as a silver
lining to what you’ve expirience.

Regret will be there but
it will not bother us and
thats the target. Regrets will
come and go it’s a seasonal
feeling but what we’ve trying
to achieve here is once the
season comes in we know
how to protect ourselves.

We will die with regrets
but those regrets is something
we are making fun or maybe
proud about it instead of denying



Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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