I am convince that we
are where we must be.

Like what I’ve wrote two to
three years ago I said

“God is good all the time
even though you dont know how.”

Maybe right now were in the
middle of struggle, confusion,
fear, luck, joy or whatever
it is.

I believe this is where we suppose
to be as a part of our journey.

Different people different
stories, different lessons
and reasons. List will continue
but the point is what you have
right now is only a tip of
the ice berg and it is up
to you how you manifest

Are you letting it to be
against you or in favor to you…

Remember that in the law
of universe your the Boss.

I know that there are
higher power than us
but that higher power cant help
us if we dont do our

Our cooperation is
us who have the control
and it is up to us where
to cooperate.
We do make unconscious decisions
and theres nothing wrong
about that, it is happening
to all human but the thing
is once you realize that
an unconscious decision
wont do good to you, whats
the next step youll going to

Mistakes and Failures are
not something to be ashamed
in fact it is something
you should humbly
be proud about it IF you
gain something good from it.
Before I am anxious about
being in purpose, I am worried
that I might be living my
life in a “WRONG WAY” but eventually
I realize nobody is really lost.

People are just getting tired
or lazy to carry his/her own
cross and trying to find a
way that makes there journey
avoid mistakes and failures not
knowing that Failures and mistakes
are part of LIFE.

Imagine a capuccino without
a brewed Coffee nothing but sugar,
milk and hotwater only?

is that Capuccino? of course
not! And that’s exactly about
life. Heartaches, disapointments,
Pains, Failures, limitations,
mistakes etc. are like a
brewed coffee bean of life without
coffee bean life aint life.

So my point is try to realize that
whatever or wherever you are
right now, your in the right spot
and the next step you’ll going
to do is powerfull because it
can make a huge difference in
trajectory of your life.




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