The “GO TO” guy



Everybody dreams to be
a GO TO GUY… Be like
Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant,
Lebron James and the likes
when we talk about basketball.

Also in any part of life
as well. We all want to be

But the funny thing is
people love the picture
of being a HERO but
once they know the PROCESS
of being the MAN, HERO
or the GO TO GUY they
just run away crazy as

I’ll be a hypocrite if
I say that never in my
life I ambition to be a
GO TO GUY of course I did
and yes I almost want to
ran away once I feel the
real process of being THE

I had my moments being
the HERO! And I dont want
to say this but if I dont
I am not being real to you.

Once I been on that PROCESS
I come to realize that
the picture we see to this
GO TO GUYs is way too far
to what really happening
behind that aura.

Lets draw some classic example
like Michael Jordan. All basketball
fan knew him. We all know that
his the G.O.A.T we admire his
6 championship rings, slam dunks,
buzzer beater and his leadership.
We are like being floored
to that achievements
and left us wondering how he did
that? So people start analyzing
his percentage, his age his physics
etc. but what I believe people miss
to see is the pain that Michael
been thru from being
Mike to Michael Jordan.

His failures is not being
discuss to the media or to
the magazine but on Michael
Jordan’s Books if I am not mistaken
also on his interviews and
best quotes he said that
the secret on his success
is failure. As a matter
of fact he had lots of
sayings about failures where
when I read, it draws a
picture in my mind that
the pain he had is what push
him or give him that power
to to achieve those titles
that set as a standard on
NBA to be called “great”

When we talk about failure
it is not about lossing
one game or winning shot we’re
talking hundreds or thousand
of losses, rejections etc.
I think people miss that part…

They check out who’s hottest, nastiest
tallest or meanest baller in
college league and expecting them that
their percentage can be carry-out
on the big league but eventually
most of the time people got disapointed
and left in wonder asking why
it didn’t work-out? His a good
baller in college or highschool
but why he didn’t carry this on
the big league?

I am no expert here but
after we check the percentage etc.
did we check the ballers personal
history? how he end up in basketball?

We can compare numbers though sometimes
I agree that Numbers can’t lie but
also I am pretty much sure that numbers
can show everything. Yes there might
be an athlete that can score like
Mike or schore 100 points but if you
still doubt why this person has still
something lacking check his history.
Is his love to the game is fuel
by highlights etc? or by some kind
of deep pain that only winning
can fill that empty gap?

I am not into “comparing” but
of course like every basketball
fan out there I still hope
that some day there would be
almost like Michael will rise
in the game and take our breath
away to his winning shots etc.
I can understand that but my point
is if ever your dissapointment
hits you despite of good numbers
I say check the history, check his
track of failures, how heavy
it is and how deep the mark
left on him?

I come to realize that being
a GO TO GUY is not some one
who can shoot good but someone
who can manage stess, failure
and disapointment.

Now may I ask you, are you
still interested to be

Because if you ask me
I still do…



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