try hard or walk


As I am browsing my Facebook
I stumble upon an old friend
account and saw this quote
saying something like this…


It’s confusing and for me
before I say it’s a tricky
question. To some they
mostly choose TRY HARDER
at first because they assume
that you didn’t work hard!
but eventually
once they understand a bit about
the path your walking thru they
might think twice to say
TRY HARDER! again…

Before what I believe is
Walking away is for the weak…
But as I been in some situation
in my life where I need to weigh
each side which is more deserving
to have my attention I come to
realize that sometimes those who
walk away is not actually weak
but strong people with a very
clear view in their life. Of course
I dont cradle the idea of being
a quitter! That’s way too different
compare to people who cant handle
the pressure from people who
understand’s his/her priorities.

To try harder is absolutely
shows a lot of bravery, heroism
and very entertaining but
there are some case that you
need to turn your back on this
stuffs because you know you
cant afford to please everyone
but not yourself! Because if
that happen eventually you’ll
burn-out, collapse and shutdown
and if ever that time happens
I hope you can still manage
to stand-up.

Walking away or letting go
sometimes give room for another
oppurtunities that might be
your looking for but it cant
came in to your life because
your a bit crowded not until
you loosen-up and release some
excess baggage. That excess
can be lessen by walking away
to some stuffs your not growing






Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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