Hitting The Pleateau


For me theres no other
more complicated, mind buggling
and tricky when you
hit the plateau be it in
any part of your life.

You thought you had

You were convince
that you made it on top
and no more any other interesting
about it because your
so convince that all is done.

I had a two sided response
about this because sometimes
I am confuse if what I felt
is greed or just stepping
away to other possible challenge
of life.

They said that “be content”
but some say “stay hungy”
both make sense but which
one of them we should follow?

Same thing in Plateau
especially on artist point
of view… Some will say
when you hit the plateau
its a calling to shift, change
your phase or try something new.
While some will take this
as a sign to push harder and
to raise the bar little more higher.

This not only a concern for
artist but to all. People got
stuck on the thinking and weighing
possible scenarios and scanning
the pros and cons on each choices.

In my expirience what I do
is just go to the
flow… When I hit the pleateau
and I still want to do what
I am doing, if the interest
is still there I want to push
it, squeeze the every remeaning
ounce of passion that I had and
sometimes it works, it reignite
my spark that sometimes it serves
as a bridge for me to shift or
go to higher level. Though mostly
it wont work and I loss my interest
until I’ll unconsciously or consciously
let it go and try something else.

I say nothing to worry about
if you hit the pleateau, its a
part of life. Nothing stays forever
and it makes me believe that being
limited what makes everything and
everybody beautiful.




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