Imagine that you are dead right now
and you are in a spiritual place
looking back to your life before
and let’s say yes you are
very successful to something
but you know in your gut that this
profession or field you been thru
is something really against on your
will or not really your passion
what would you feel about that
after your death and looking back
your life like that?

Then lets say in that spiritual place
there is a simulation mode where you can
set your life to a scenario where
you can see your self doing what you
really love and passionate about
but you fail or not really been that
big but you did what you really want
and expirience the moments and when
you exit to physical world you left
without any regrets
or doubts… What would you feel
about that?

Maybe it is just me… But I would rather
choose to fail doing what I love
rather than being successful to something
I hate. That’s what I realize as
I back track my 32 years living in

Success is a big word and in any
culture being successful is almost

Then here comes the word FAILURE
where everybody denies it or even
despise it… not knowing the truth
that we need to expirience natural
failure to gain muscle so we can
perform success…
I am confident that we all want
to have a fairytale life style
some of us want to be hollywood,
Superstar, Rich and Famous
but as we grow up society
dim that bright dream. Actually
we cant blame the masses because
they just being “practical”

And in practical definition
of Success is way too far
to what is the meaning
of success if you asked people
like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant,
Bill Gates, STeve Jobbs, Mark Zuckenber
etc. or maybe the word success
is kinda ambigous maybe we
can call them “Achievers”

And imagine what if this achievers
who accomplish something unmeasurable
or hard to match are actually become
failure what do you think they
will end up?

Imagine what if Michael Jordan and
Kobe didnt shine in NBA?

Imagine what if Bill Gates or Steve
Jobbs software/hardware didnt
click in the market?

or what if Facebook end
up just like Friendster?

What do you Imagine what this
people would do? or feel?
if they fail doing what they

I mean what if they really
give everything they got
but still dont work out?

And it comes to the point
where their time runs out
found themselves resting
on their deathbed waiting
for the moment where they
will trancend?

What do you think what
runs in their mind on
that very moment?

We cant really say about
that and also I didnt heard
someone who are dedicated
as Michael Jordan and failed
miserably in the end…

So to answer the question
maybe the closest reference
is to look on to the great
NBA basketball players who
didnt got a championship
ring. Like Patrick Ewing, Charles
Barkley, Allen Iverson and the likes…

They are all good on their
field and position as a baller
and no doubt that they
tried hard to get that championship
or be the best but something
or somwhere come short or maybe
it is not meant to be…

When I look at them as a
living legend icons surely
I feel little sad because
on their career there is
a part where we fans question
them because being a high
scorer or iconic player is
good but in the end your championship
ring(s) weight a lot heavy.

Then I tried to think like
them… How this men handle
this question of not being
a champion atleast once
in their career?

Of course heartache is there
but I am convince eventually
the pain will subside and they’ll
realize that it’s not that bad
at all… They are still great
players and heck if ever
they didn’t reach thet “great Player list”
being in NBA is an achievement after all!

If I am in their shoes maybe
I’ll feel a occasional heartaches
but eventually I’ll come to get over
especially if I give it all
and if that what’s fate verdict
to me I’ll learn to accept it
and be thankful to a wonderful journey.

If I’ll zoom out, step back
and look at that scenario it
feels more better on this rather
than to succumb myself to
something that I really dont
like but I did for the sake
of the word “safety lifestyle”
and day by day I watch my
childhood dream deteriorate
until the life on it totaly
taken away.
If I will be put in a situation
to choose what life plan I would
take I would take Allen Iverson,
Charles Barkley or Patrick Ewing
life plan rather than to be someone
have a comfortable, wealthy lifestyle
but deep inside I watch my dream and
pottential rot helplessly in
lies, fear, cowardies and denials.

Being successful to something you
hate is a slow death. Believe me
I been there and as I come to realize
that I am making my way to turn the
tide and go to the flow where I can
change my direction and to align
my way to my childhood dream.




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