I am confident to claim
that I already master
the art of being
open and friendly.

It is mistaken
that OPEN people
are friendly because
there is a underlying
difference on being
OPEN compare to


This are type of humans
who can be
comportable to others
even to strangers thats
why it gives them an
impression that they
are easy to approach,
share information and
maybe sometimes ask
their opinion or advice.

But being open doesent
equally mean on being
commited and connected.

Being Committed and connected
is a stuff of FRIENDLY PEOPLE.


Not all friendly are
open, maybe because
back then I was a
friendly person but
not open, what I can
say is that friendly people
can easily smell FAKE PEOPLE
and once we sense that
your one of them we raise
our shield asap.

I can say as much many of
what being FRIENDLY means
because being an OPEN is
something you can just learn
easily, of course not in
the sense that you can entertain
all people because even entertainers
choose their crowd even how
popular they are. You cannot
expect to amuse Jazz lovers
by playing Rock genre or vice versa.

Same thing on being OPEN
you can’t be comfortable
to group of people who
has a huge gap of
mindset to you.

But on being Friendly is
almost a different subject.

it is deep, broad and maybe
a little bit complicated.

So let me make it simple…

Being friendly is someone
who is willing to cast his
trust to someone without
holding any assurance.

I dont know if you can
get that but that’s the simpliest
way I can say about being
friendly. To some people
giving trust is easy, they
are wealthy on that while to
some they really dont.

I dont see any harm trusting
someone especially if
the setting is very casual
and not a life depending
situation. The only thing
that you might say cons
of me being generous
on giving away trust is
once you dissapoint me
on first time that might
be the last. Until this
time thats my policy and
so far very few broke that

I dont Judge someone if he/she
is OPEN but not FRIENDLY or
viceversa all I wish everybody
realize who read this blog
is that two of them is not
the same thing.




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