One of my mistakes in life is
I guess burining the bridges.
Although it is justified to
burn it down but there will
be time in your life that you
need or requires you to go
back maybe not to fix something
or for your personal intentions
but for someone that you can
be the extended bridge to make
something happen…

I know it sounds complicated
and none-sense or irritating
but I hope I am wrong too
and I hope before you think
etc. you really think about
it because I was thinking the
same thing before until I encountered
something that it makes me think
that if I still have the connection
I can make this thing happen.

Again I know it seems a waist
of time but all I can say is
if you think you really need
to use fire to disconnect your
links I suggest if I may to
think again… Maybe you
can just abandon it, an
abandon something is almost
nothing and actually its more
painful but once you turn something
into ashes you cannot bring
it back not unless it is a phoenix…




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