According to “WORLD OF ACTING” be it
movie or theatrical, having a good
looks is nice but not actually
a bagger of cash. Instead
it becomes an hindrance
to an actor/actress.

You might ask why? or how?

Well in the world of acting
critics sometimes doubt
the too good looking person
who has also a good skill
of acting. Call them hater
or whatever but I agree that
most of the time we are being
confused to which is good?
The looks or the act?

Its complicated and
too meticulouse task
to say which is which and
if your an actor/tres who
have the “good looks”
you are like walking into
a rope and a small unbalance
move will cause you a lot.

There is nothing wrong
to be a good looking person
the point of the book that I read
is that GOOD LOOKS is not everything
like the others they also
had some setbacks and issues
to manage. Still this
world is in balance.
Though I am not actually
giving a heads-up to those
who considered themselves
having the poor looks because
they don’t need encouragement
reason is there’s no such as
a poor looks or an ugly person.

The word ugly means

1 unpleasant or repulsive
in appearance.
2 hostile or threatening;
likely to involve unpleasantness.

If I will scrutinize the meaning
it doesent say about form, shape or color
but its a expression to a certain
something or someone. And expression
is a mere personal opinion and when
you say “personal opinion” that is the
refelction of a person’s world
and not the meaning of someone’s looks.




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