We dont want it but
it happens, it comes
to us…

I thought this is
something stupid
stuff that the higher
power let or letting
it to happen to me.

I asked why? why oh lord?

But eventually I realize
as I look back on the
tracks of my life that
most of my greatest
growth, improvement and
stregnth are motivated
by pain… Pain pushed
me to the edge…

Be it emotional, physical,
intellectual or espiritual
Pain is my best friend
after all…

Problems, set-backs, heart
breaks, sorrows, betrayals
and many more or all the above
those are meant to happen
because you are being geared,
prep-up or trained to be able
to handle something great…

Believe it or not that is true.

If you dont believe it, that
great day wont happen, and If
you believe! Well no need for
you to feel sorry to what is
happening to you right now
instead you would appriciate
your down time because you
know that day will come and
your ready to claim for it.

It comes to us not because
to piss us but there are
lessons or skills that
we must be learn and be
trained and if you ask
me for what? I say
maybe the higher power
only can explain…

Have a great day!




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