We all dont want to end up like this

Nobody want to be sick
nobody want to be old
or in any kind of way
nobody the heck he
wants to be broke!

Because our society told
us that this status are something
we must disgust!

But ironically the truth
is this “situations” is
what really propell or push
those so called “Successful”
People in our society to
become so called SUCCESSFUL

Its been said that those
who we look at top was been
on the very buttom.

Those who’ve have all
in this world was been
sometimes didn’t own
anything at all!

Those who’ve start late
are those inspires us most

Those who’ve sick but
trying their best to live
as a normal being boost our
courage reminding us not to
Those beautiful characters
are we all wish we had
but forgetting the reality
what brought those so called
Successfull people there
and when we realize the journey
they took some of us become
doubtful if they would really
want to walk thru that road
where being OLD, SICK and
MISFORTUNE are for them partake
before reaching the paradise
of Glory, Greatness, Triumph,
Success etc.

Carpe diem!




Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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