Few weeks more and we Filipinos are going
to vote for our next President in coming 6 years
span and to that as we all know
there are lots of events, drama and
propaganda happening in order to
defocus or focus our attention
to particular candidate(s)

Of course when it comes to
Presedential elections it is
a Tandem, the President and
Vice President. They are
the head or leaders of their

Then I just remember the game
of basketball and playfully
connect the relation of politics
and the game itself.

Well as of today’s Presedential
tandems all of them for me are
strong candidates not just
the presidentials itself but
also their tandems.

They had their moments in the
Philippines where their names
are really appealing to the

But as history say… election
time is different timezone…

And base to our history it happens
many times. Where the considered
sure winner are overtaken by the
underdogs, some people say there is
something about it or it just
happen like that where peoples mind

Relating it in the game of basketball
when you are rebuilding or building
a championship kind of team of course
you pick the best of the best according
to their records…

Records is according to someones past
no issue about that but what I want
to point out here is that there is no
reason to be comfortable on the process
we still must be curiouse, alert and proactive

Because a good past doesent really
assure that it will produce the same thing
in the future. It happens in the game
of basketball and same it happens in politics

You can remember a controversial and
exciting trades of team where both
big names joined in one team and fans
expect amazing result! but eventually
what they get is dissapointments.

Just like in politics, we know some
people who’s well popular and very
appealing to the people but as the
campaign goes on their strong
momentum shrinks to nothingness…

I would like to use the words saying
that this is life… life is a game
you never know until you play it.

Play it well!



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