My analogy of rating a film
is like how you rate a particular

The purpose of film is
to entertain us.

I believe that entertainment
is being outlook as also
one of our important basic needs
and when I say “BASIC NEEDS”
this is a must! just like
food, water and shelter!

Remove entertainment
in someones life and
I am sure he will become

We all do have an source
of entertainment maybe
not as fancy as we know
or simple as we think

Some people are content
on gazing on the stars
while some are going
out to the wilderness

Then most people filled
their hunger on watching
a film or a movie.

Now let me get into
the title of this blog…

How do we FAIRLY rate a

Before answering that why
bother knowing how to
“FAIRLY” rate a film?

Because you might think
that this is just a common
sense but as we all know
the word “COMMON” is kinda
big word! A common practice
to me might not be to you
so the purpose of this
blog/article is to kinda
brigthen the blurry line…

There are many good film
but they are being rated
or labeled as a bad one
not because of poor quality
or poor story but plainly
they are being “misunderstood”

There are many films that
too advance and are too deep
to ponder which cause too much
load for a viewer to digest
and to that the elment
of “entertainment” is not
taking its effect instead
the film becomes “educational”
which cause boredom to the
viewers and for me when
a film turns out to be
a presentation and/or
educational thing it is
a perfect way to piss-off
people who’s watching it…
No wonder why there are
some films that is only being
appriciated lately and
we ask how this film
is not being a hit back then?

One of the reason is
maybe on that time society
is not yet in tune to the
event that a film is trying
to portray and as we move
to that kind of world we
just only come to understand
what it is trying to say…
Okay enough on INTRODUCTION
and here is how you can
fairly rate a film.
It is important to know
what is your current mood
are you in the mood of
hunger on being entertained
or you already had enough?

Because either of this you
are not in the state of
rating a particular film.

Just like on food analogy
if you are hungry whatever
food that will serve’s to you
will taste good! and if your
bloated even the 5 star
menu will just taste okay
to you so it is important
to prepare yourself, be in
the fair apetite then
know the film!

It means you must know if
you are interested on it,
Do not force yourself to watch
a film that you dont even
have a tick of curiosity
because you might only
waste your time and much
as well the magic of a film.


I mean be in the place
where you are comfortable,
no wonder why theater are
having a comfy seat and
relaxing aircondition because
it is important for you not
to be distracted by anything
and just be on the film watching
that’s why also turning your cellphone
off or in a silent mode is
being advice.

Being in the right time means
you are not into a hurry or in
a on call situation because that
will divide your attention where
it kills the magic of film and
to that you’ll miss the effect of
that magic.

I prefer watching a film on a night
time especially if next day is my
day-off, I usually turn-off my
phone or put it on silent mode.
Morning time is also a nice choice
to fairly watch a film and rate
it because at morning time your fresh
and your body is not yet being

Reading the synopsis and some
summary about the film will help
you to minimize the digestion
while watching the film, instead
of processing some minor information
you will jump-off into the more
deeper sense, that’s a good thing
when you read stuffs about
the film first, It might cause
you some spoiler that’s why
I recommend only this if the
film your curiouse is not the
type of your genre and you
want to know if you really want
to go thru watching it.
I will not disagree that
some of you appriciate a film
even your not in the RIGHT TIME
or maybe your at YOUR WORST!
I dont argue to that because
some films are made motivated
by some particular events like
too much sorrow or in the state
of euphoria that’s why also
I say that a persons reaction
to a film does not reveal
the essence of a film but
it actually reveal the persons




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