Our Brand Is Crisis ftf_Fotor


Sandra Bullock’s comeback movie
I guess!

And it’s not bad at all!

Timing and her persona clicks!

Story is great! very convincing
and realistic!

Only cons here is if you are not
in the mood of politics stuffs
well dont bother to watch it.

Performance of acting is very
natural to me…

Actors/ress line-up are well

This movie for me is nice
to watch especially if
you are in the
Philippine Scene especially
this days where Presedential
Election is getting intense
you can feel the film big time!

It seems to me that
deciding to who’s to vote
on remaining months before
election is kinda unwise
because candidates are being
impure because as they desired
to top on the survey and
get the interest of the people
they are willing to do whatever
it is to overtake their opponents.

It’s like a car, when you
put it in a drag race competition
it becomes uncomptable to ride
daily, you change alot
of parts/stuffs for the sake of power
and speed, but once the game
is over and put back all the
original parts back into
it the power and speed that
you’ve witness before vanish
just like that. I believe
in some way we can relate this
on any campaigns in any positions.

Sometimes we are buying
the sugar coat stuffs and
we didnt appriciate the real
part. We are so caught up on
the tip of the ice berg but
we didn’t take time to dig deeper
if there is a mountain beneath it.

Well Sandra as Jane Bodine
in this movie, her job is like
a decorator and maybe at the
same time an illusionist for
me because she kinda deceive

This film also makes me feel
and reminds me how Ego can
trick you to do what is
good and which makes you feel
good. As much as possible
I dont want to be a spoiler
here but I guess you get what
I mean and I recommend to you
to watch this film and

Feel it! 😀




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