MVP by Number or by Heart?

If your an basketball fan
you know that there where talks
about Steph Curry’s MVP award
not all seems agreeing when the
most highlight player of this
year grabs his back to back
MVP trophy and many people asks
and shares their feelings about
it and it seems for me those
talks makes some doubt on Steph’s
credibility to being an 2016 MVP.

Some suggest that it must be measured
by numbers but some said it should
be measure on how the player influence
his teammates and the game itself.

Both are important for me and it is
kinda complicated which one you
must put on top first.

Measure it by numbers or by heart?

this smells an trap argument, its
a never ending discussion good thing
to talk about if you want to kill time
it’s like the “chicken and egg who came
first?” discussion.
So for me if I’ll dive in to this
trap my answer will be

“HEART but not just that”

I go for heart, but I am aware
that it is not all… figthing spirit
is not enough without action
a good principle in the game will
not earn points in the court but
having a good heart is the best
start and the best to player have.

His stats might decline later on
but the legacy he build will be
very nice pattern for his teammates
to follow thru.



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