This would be my first
ever review about a person
in politics especially
someone who run in Philippine

I am no expert in Philippine
Politics but I believe that
doesent mean what I am writing
here aint no significant, in fact
if you belong on Mr. Mar Roxas team
I suggest to read on this article
especially if your someone who
organize campaigns and
groom someone who’s aspiring to
be a “public servant” or simply
want to be a politician.

Like what I said I am no Political
expert but I feel in my guts as
a Filipino who witness the uprise
political career of Mr. Roxas on
the time of former President ERAP
when Mar is also seems very promising
presedential bet in the future, those
days where his “Mr. Palengke” image is
very appealing to the mases, convince
me that my analysis on his failure
have some sense that I’ll
share in this blog… Also I am
an OFW who’ve been threaten on that
“Tanim Bala” issue. I am the bread
winner in my family and of course
a Filipino “registered” voter who
belong to the middle class that hoping
the day when I will never need
to be an expat to other country
in order to just
fill the needs of my Family.
Whether you like it
or not the manifestation of that
dream our President has a huge
part to make it happen.

So to no further ado here’s my
3 reasons why I believe
Mar Roxas failed
this election…

1st LOYALTY issue

Like what I said before I’ve seen
Mr. Mar rose-up in political game
when those time where Erap is reigning
as President he also is very
charming to the masses especially
to the poor.

But eventually it seems his
genre shifted from PRO-POOR to
PRO-BUSINESSMAN especially when
he become part of PNOY’s Administration.

There is nothing wrong on being PRO
to our businessmen’s the issue is
“the shift” that he done. Although
he still trying to live the
“Mr. Palengke” persona but I say
the magic seems faded away for a long

In my family I have a bit blood
of politician, my late Grandfather to
my Mother side was a Capatin of Barangay
and I learned from him that LOYALTY
is everything in serving the public.

Loyal to your people esepecially
in Politics itself or should I say
in life as well.

You might probably also heard
that it said LOYALTY is expensive
so dont expect to cheap people.

LOYALTY is a big factor when you
convince people to have their vote.

And to this one I feel Mr. Mar slip-off.

When he tried to leave his Mr. Palengke
persona people like me thinks that
his a changed man but his changes did
not amplify his political charm or
even equal his previous Mr. Palengke
image instead he became “the usual
politician” which people either hate
or ignore…


I can understand Mr. Mar’s cursing
on Yolanda disaster, his
“Your Romualdez and the President
is Aquino” quote actually
this is the problem when you
into politics. In my expirience
working in corporate company
I observed that PRO-BUSINESSMAN
mindset is “technical” it is by
“Policy” which is sometimes it
looks inhuman at the first glance
but when you absorbed the full
concept you’ll understand that
it is just the way how you run
a company. But in politics
this is very different world
every move must be PRO-HUMAN
or if not it satisfy the current
need of the people. What happen
in Yolanda is hard to conclude
if Mr. Mar did the right thing
or not, maybe he did the right
thing to some part and maybe
anybody who will be on his shoes
that time will end up like
Mr. Mar Roxas.

But the TANIM BALA issue Mr. Mars
remarks blew-up everything
especially if he has a plan
to run as President of the Philippines.

That moment when he made that
comment or remarks
” Kung nagpasok ka ng contraband
sa airport, paano naging problema
ng gobbyerno yun?”

This comment offended the not
just the OFW’s but all of the Filipino’s
I believe. The vibe of that remarks
for me is I am not safe under his watch
and I believe that’s the same way
how other felt.

Being insincere is poisonus to your
image especially to someone who’s planning
to run in politics. In this case
for me what Mr. Mar did is like
he pass the ball into opponent team
in order to score against them
at the very crucial momment.

Lastly 3rd PNOY’S Spokesman
Coloma Effect

For me as a voter the statement
of Herminio Coloma Jr. destroy’s
Mr. Mars reputation in my book
after he said this.

“Noon naman ay walang naiulat
na masamang epekto ito.
Kaya kung ‘yon ang
pagbabatayan ay tila
wala naman tayong dapat
ikabahala hinggil dito,”

Actually there’s more Coloma
quote regarding “NO remitance” but
the point here is that they
sent a message to OFW’s like
me that for their point of view
we are not that important
and again insiscere remarks
that daggers the campaign of Mr. Mar
although he is not the one who
said it but he is in the same roof
of administration and people
like us keep remembering what he said

” Kung nagpasok ka ng contraband
sa airport, paano naging problema
ng gobbyerno yun?”

For me Coloma’s remarks make us feel
hostage and threatend. Some article
said that he is just being misunderstood
or misquote. If ever thats true theres
another problem on their team and that
is being careless on their statments.

Words is sharper than the sword we
all know that and once words hurt people
it takes time to heal even though
harming them is not what you intend
you need time to ease the pain…

Unluckily this happen when the
Presidential election is near thats
why Mr. Mar seems very unfortunate
in 2016 election.

Now I dont want to leave Mr. Mar
just like this. Honestly deep inside
I like Mar. His professional, classy
and cool although many people outlook

So here is my advice from a no expert
in politics but plainly genuine OFW
who’ve maybe belong in the middle class.

Go back where you started and be loyal
on it until the end of time. Maybe
it is not the end yet. Be Mr. Palengke
again, embrace that image and if possible
be that truly and like what I said
maybe it is not too late.

God Bless Philippines


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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