All speculation will end at Game 7
I hold myself back to write something
about this play-offs, as much as possible
I want to be fair…

Though I am Lebron fan but mostly
I love the game of basketball
and whoever who deserves compliments
and appriciation no doubt I’ll give it
to them.

However I just want to share my
view regarding this spectacular event
that’s passing by in our era.

I say Game 7 will be more about fate
to dictate, cliche or very grey statement
but as a fan that’s how I see it.

No more excuse to both team, and
in this point everything will
receive it’s final marks once
the final buzzer of Game 7 is done.

For me this is another testimony
that proves basketball is just
like life…

Who knows that Cavs will reach
in game 7?

Who knows that Warriors will be
force to reach game 7, after all
of their impressive winning streak
where they beat the great Bulls

People are booing Lebron where
it seems he is the Villain of
the league but now in this
moment as we approach Game 7
doubters, haters etc. has no
words to share about the King
no wonder those words will
flood if ever Warriors made it in
Game 7 but if Cavs took the win
this could be like a reboot
of King James journey to greatness
not to overtake MJ’s crown but to make
his own mark.

See you in Game 7




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