To all NBA basketball fan
We are all aware that the
King is Back!

Regain his throne from an
very impressive 3-1 comeback!

According to infos I got
this is the first time
to a team who made a bigtime
bounce back from 3-1 record
at the NBA finals.

From this as a fan what I
can see is it will be a
good oppurtunity for Lebron
to re-route his declining image
before and make a mark in this game.

I am not pressing any pressure
to the King, I am just saying
that what I’ve observe since
he loss from Last 2 consecutive years
Finals against Spurs and Warriors
his integrity as a King decrease
rapidly, where before he
was the NBA hero but eventually
some people would like to turn
him into villain.

But after this great win
from 3-1 mark the tide change
just like that!

Doubts turns into chants
of gratitude from the city
and fans that he’d promise to give
it’s Championship as he return
to his land.

It’s kinda difficult to see
what will be Brons path on
next season, many talks are
spreading that he might
go to other team, there are
rumors that Cavs will remain etc.

But one thing that I am pretty
confident right now. That Bron
is back and on this ride will
be his chance to reboot his
journey to greatness.

Although he is already considered
great but we all know that it’s
too early to label his achievements
and it is much better to say that
his just getting on top of it rather
than throwing the towel.




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