Which one is more greater? edgy? or classy?

To be a champion as a player or as coach?
I tried to asked around in my workplace, different
nationalities and different  national sports,
from cricket to soccer then
basketball of course and they told me
that they prepare to expirience the championship
as a player.

Me either I’ll choose to expirience
championship as a player rather than a
coach.But when I think back on any sports
very few coaches standout…

Even great players have no interest
to be on that shoes, I wonder why?
If you been a player you know how to
make things works right? especially if
your one of those in the elite list
before. But why? Why so few want
to be on that spot? where they are
actually qualified to be a coach.
I say being a coach you should
master your ego. Ego is something
that drives players to do rediculous
and out of this world performance, the problem
is that ego’s draw back is also
rediculos and out of this world.

Ego can erase memories of love ones,
friendships or brotherhood…

Ego can narrow someones point of view
or understandings

Although Ego is the most handy
tool to push, encourage or motivate
athletes but like what I said
once this come’s in your system
and you didn’t manage it this
will consume’s you.

I really dont know Tyronne Lue
but I was inspired to write
this article because of him.

If your an NBA fan you know
his history. He was a player
in different teams, he played
with the great Michael Jordan
and with Kobe, also he is the
player who been step over by
Allen Iverson after that
ankle breaker crossover.

People make fun of him
and in some way he became
a laughing stuff but as what
I’ve read, T.Lue is cool
on this. He handle the
situation very well, he
turn this event to something
that will benefit to him
rather than destroys his
heart time to time…

That’s tough because
in some way you are
shaping your ego and
as a player on that
status the task
is not easy emotionally
or mentaly.

But Tyronne pull it off
and in fact Iverson is
defending him about that
particular moment nowadays.

Then I say Tyronne
as a Coach of 2016
NBA Champion Cleveland
Cavaliers might help
the stepover moment he
got from A.I, that moment
where he might learn
to deal his ego and being
a coach especially to
someone like Lebron, Love
and Irving I would say
If your not a Phil Jackson
kind of guy you better be
someone who can talk to them
because if not you will
not going to handle the
heat then you’ll burn.

So maybe if you can’t be
Phil Jackon you should
be Tyronne Lue or some kind
like that.




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