One of the most interesting
free agency at this moment is
Kevin Durant.

Personally I dont want him
to go… Ballers like him
who has superstar status must
stay on his first team until he
retire because for me if you
are a superstar and left your
first team the credibility
of your title decreases…

There are lot’s of stuffs
to debate about that but
focusing to the topic, I
want KD to stay on OKC
however if there’s some
reason that pushed him
to leave Oaklahoma the
question is what team
he should go then?

Sigining another team is like
applying to another company
or applying to another department.

Team also apply the same rule
of “probationary period” to some
company it is 3 to 6 months
to asses you if their happy to
you or not. In NBA I guess they’ll
give you 1 year or a bit more than
that to see how you be a benefit
to their team and if you dont
they put you to free agancy or trade.

So hunting for another team
is pretty much like
finding another job or company.

And to that you consider
Money, Growth and Work environtment,
it’s really up to you which one
you’ll prioritize.

In case of Durant what I can
vibe to him is he want championship
title badly and for that to happen
he must have a good work environement
he must have a good team etc.
but also if I am KD my superstar
status is also important although
leaving OKC will surely decline
his superstar value a bit but that
could be reverse depends to a
team that he will join…

If he will join to a team
where he can have a ring his
value as a superstar will go
up! But as we all know being
on top is not a bed of roses
there are some hard stuffs that
people up there are struggleling
to handle so having a good mentor
is a big help.

So here is why I say KD must
sign to Spurs, it is not just
because the team is well tuned for
another trip to Play-offs finals
but the team status is in the
transition where they are finding
someone to whom they can pass
the torch.

I am not saying that Kwahi, Aldrich
or others are not worth it to
receive the torch but what I am
refering here about “passing the torch”
is not just about to individual but
to the generation… We all have the
expectation that Tim Duncan
will retire any time soon much
as well his fellow troops and
remaining will be Kwahi and Aldrich.

They are both good but to say
that they are enough to get
the ring is kinda doubtful, they
need another force which is pretty
much ideal in the persona of Durant.

Beside on a good set-up of the
team and it’s timing, If KD
will sign to Spurs he could
benefit “growth” in his career.

The way I vibe Tim Duncan is he
is a good man, he shape’s his
team in a good manner so If
ever KD got himself or Spurs
on top he’ll not having any
issue to whom who he will ask
for what to do because uncle Tim
is there.




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