What would we expect if
we demand changes in Philippines?

The land where before criminals
are given a 5 stars treatment
on their cells instead of
being in the state of remorse…

That act per se is an
insult not only to our
government but to Filipino

What kind of justice system
we had if drug lords are
plainly, balantly and obviously
manipulating/dominating the
people who suppose to be
protecting us?

But today it seems the
dawn of light is here
and the long night of
darkness will end…

Thanks to Digong and to
his Justice Leagues in some
way Filipinos will
somehow felt that
good people have their
turn too to be on top.

I heard people complaining
about numerous of killings,
I say we must complain if
the people who’ve killed
are those regular citizen
who just trying to have
a normal life and being
victimized by those careless
or heartless criminals who’s
their consciousnes are being
blurred because of abusive
use of illegal drugs.

I dont say to rejoice because
there are many criminals and pushers
are being killed!

I say listen! Digong already
said several times, he dont
want drugs and criminals so
stop it! if you dont, you
probably know what will goanna
happen to you…

I send my sympathy to people
who lost their love ones because
of this clean-up drive but also
ask yourself what would you
say to the people who’ve been
victimized by your love ones?

I know that there are million
side of stories here but right
now situation is plainly simple
you stop you live, you dont stop
well good luck!

Changes is hard,  painful and sometimes it
is also bloody
until you learn how to get on to
the system.


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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