Thank you to Mark Zuckerberg’s
Facebook where most of Digong’s
campaign are being published and
black propagandas are being
answered or debunk.

I am one of those 16 Million
Filipinos who voted for
Digong or President Rodrigo
Duterte but as I look back
today thinking that without
the social media this is just
a dream.

Digong’s rivals or people
who wanted to take him down
are still trying to use
social media and some says
that those anti-Digong’s are
even paying for some iconic
internet persona to
discredit the president and
gather sympathy from people in
order to convince them that
Digong’s Admin are not doing
good a job.

But what happen is the reverse
thru social media people understand
Duterte even better…

The so called propaganda
against him are being exposed
and we can clearly see how
bad our politics, though I already
have that idea before but I
didn’t expect it already reach
at this point where Bilibid
Prisons are being manipulated
by criminals and they are being
protected by someone who suppose
to be protecting inosent people
away from them.

At this point of time I dont
see any way how the anti Duterte
can win this war. They can control
the mainstream media but in the end
social media will prevail because
at the bottom of this real
people are watching and expressing
the most important message of all
which is the truth.

So maybe the most drastic move
to do is to band the Social Media
in the Philippines in order
for the anti Digong to have a
sligthest chance to bring him down
but I guess doing that will only
inflame the people which will
also cause them to fail so it’s
nice to know that at this point
of time good people are winning.



Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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