From left to right: Jonathan Dela Cruz, Atty Trixie Aneles (Wohoo), RJ Nieto aka Thinking Pinoy, Conrado Banal and Jojo Robles
Photo credit to the owner


Like what I said before
I never been a fan of
listening into radio programs
except to the Ka. Totoy Talastas
Liwanagin natin Radio commentary

Sad to know that Ka. Totoy already
retires last 2016 at the age of 88
years of age.

So I try to find some
kind of radio commentary program
that have the same format of
ka Totoy where he tackles the
current events in the Philippines
because as an OFW, listening
to someone who disecting the
thrending news in the Philippines
makes me feel at home at least
for a while…
and ease my homesick as I am away
from my two kids and family.

So it’s fortunate for me that
last November of 2017 someone
share a clips in a youtube
about the blogger RJ Nieto aka
Thinking Pinoy joined the panel
of new radio broadcaster, in some
way I can connect to TP or Thinking
Pinoy because I myself is a blogger
too and got interested how he can
participate to the professional journalist.

I am amused to what I seen and from
that time as everyday I have a chance
to surf the internet I tried to
find a new clips of TP with these
radio commentaries, I got really
hooked to them so I googled those
two old cats that seems been in
the news business for a long time
and from there I knew their name.

Jojo Robles as the news anchor
and his buddy Conrad Banal, I had
a chance to view some of their old
clips and also read some of their
article column like to Jojo Robles
he was before writing in Manila Standard
the Lowdown and now he is into
Manila Times while Conrad is a bit
rare on writing because the last time
he published in his column in Inquirer
is last February of 2018 or maybe
I just need to google more…

At first I thought I was amuse
on the radio program because of
TP but eventually I realize that
TP just introduce to me this
two folks who’s exactly what I
am looking for, they are both
authentic and still got the enthusiasm
to do what they’re doing, I like
their wit, the style and
the combination of their vocal
modality blends well though
the voice of Conrad reminds me
a bit of Ka. Totoy Talastas.

The good thing is that they
eventually made their own
youtube account and posted their
radio show program, that is
a very brilliant idea because
OFW’s like me can watch it
as we find a free time for it.

I say whoever you put into
Karambola will be great but
as they include TP in the show
it gave them a boost and exposure
to many Filipinos who are fed-up
on traditional media and wants
to hear people like them.

I have a metaphor that Karambola
is like Manny Pacquiao meet
Freddie Roach, because both of
them is like finding the missing
piece form each of them and
as a result they made a spectacular
journey in boxing world.

But if you asked me now
who’s Manny Pacquiao between
TP and Karambola team? It’s
hard to answer because in
social media world TP could
refer as Manny Pacquiao
but in journalism the two
old cats are heavy contenders
too. Eventually I found this
question less relevant to
answer, what’s good news
now is that we have a radio
show program that are doing their
best to give us a fair commentary,
and in somehow share us facts
about politics and current events
that seems to me
will make us smart.

So for that I give my salute
and highest regards
to Jojo Robles, Conrad Banal,
Jonat Dela Cruz, RJ Nieto aka
Thinking Pinoy, Atty. Trixi Cruz
Angeles (wooho!), Juener and to
all cast of Karambola team.

Mabuhay po kayong lahat!




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