Oktubre 12, 2018

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My take is this…

It is hard to say now.

The King been in a lot
of battles, from different
kingdoms as well and he
fairly did a good job.

He won a ring in Miami
and in Cleveland too.

Though on his land (Cleveland)
he didn’t able to repeat
it, as the mighty GSW
brutally buried Cavs
in a series sweep of
NBA Finals 2017-2018.

I can feel the kings
fatigue thru the
years of his career,
it is truly exhausting,
I cant imagine how
he can rejuvenate
back and be ready for
next season. No wonder
why millions of dollars
is reported that being
spent on his body
every year, sounds
absurd or ridiculous
but if you think about
playing professional
basketball for
lets just say 82 games
per year not including
the practices, exhibition
games and if your team
reach the semis then the
finals, just imagine
how much tension, abuse,
pain and probably minor
or semi-major injury
your body will take?

Not to mention the
mental fatigues
that will tax an
athlete, basketball is not
just a physical
game like most people
think about
the truth is that basketball
is absolutely a mind game
and a very brutal mind game
sometimes, the “mind game”
like trash talking are
not just end when the player
leave the court especially
to athletes like Lebron,
the media and other likes
are trolling him even his
personal life, some could
be related to piss him off
to the game or maybe just
fooling around.

So the million dollar
spent on his body alone
is not really something
a big thing as a matter
of fact it makes me think
that this is what most
athlete should realize,
not actually spending
that a lot of cash to
their body but put your
health as a top priority
because as cliché it might
sound but to all athletes
who are on the level of
Lebron they will all agree
on some point that their

“health is their wealth”

Nobody will sign-up
a player to the kind
of contract that Lebron
have if that athlete
is either fractured
or broken.

They want
someone who are tough
as hell and his arsenal
for battel are all still
sharp and available.

Every team
owner want to assure that
all of those gears and
weapons that are in
athlete’s arsenal will
be utilized and
guess what Lebron still
got all of that.

The way I see it from
a far is that the King
still got the
in tact arsenal
but he is just
not having the right
troops to be with in
order for him to succeed
another mission which is
winning another title.

So that’s why it is
hard to say now, maybe
even the King is not
sure and it could all
depend how it will turn
out to the kind of
team chemistry they have
and from there if it
works out a bit the king
can push the team for
a title but for him
to carry a team the way
he did in Cleveland is
something his fans would
like to see.





Oktubre 12, 2018

Saving is easy to say than
done and here is the 3 factors
that ruin your saving plan…


Whether this is coffee
or not, all of what
you eat are mostly
what ruins your budget.

If you will monitor
you’re expenses you’ll
notice that food
is one that ruin
your plan, it could
be a small thing but
if you summed it up
you’ll be overwhelmed
the amount you spend
to mere food itself.

Reason is because we
human either wants
pleasure or some sort
of comfort and one
of the source for that
is food. Also when
we wanted to celebrate
something whether it is
small or big occasion
we all do celebrate
by buying food, thru
food we express how
special the day is…


Another factor that ruins
your saving is buying cloths
that you really don’t need,
especially when we are being trap
to buy one when there is a
“sale” as we are having the
mentality of out smarting
the future, where we convince
ourselves that we must
buy now or else we will
miss the opportunity to take
advantage of this sale but
eventually you’ll realize
that the “sale” promo is
the one took advantage on
your purse.

Although it could also
be correct that in some
point of your life you
really need to buy a clothes
or a fair of shoes but
according to my experience
it happened to me very
rare and if I will buy
a cloths or shoes I’d prepare
to buy the high quality
brands because it is more
durable and will last longer
than the cheaper brands, now
there is an argument that
what if the particular
“high quality” brand is
on sale, do you think that
is a smart move to buy it?

For me personally I would
not, base to my own experience
most of the time that
high quality cloth that
is in promo sale that you
bought will most likely
end-up sitting into your
closet, waiting for that
right time to be summoned
and guess what most of
the time it is not getting
summoned because of your
need of replacement but
for you to send it as a
gift to someone.

Just like foods, cloths
give’s us pleasure, it
gives us that sense of
being relevant or outstanding
reason why shopping itself
has a potential to be
addictive and if you
don’t do something about
it this will definitely
ruined your saving strategy


For me you cannot
actually blame the
people who wants to
have latest, fastest
and/or advance gadget
be it phone, gaming
gears etc. because
in the tech world
advancement is really
fast and being the
person who’s on
the latest trend really
need to pay the price.

To some being in touch
to the latest trend
is necessary in order
for them to catch-up
or be ahead to their game
while others are just
catching-up for the sake
of pride and ego.

Which ever side you are
please do take note
that sometimes the
features of a particular
gear’s advancement are
manageable and still
the human skill is
still not yet irreplaceable
by today’s technology
so I would say skill
over your gears still
matter much.

Weighing your technical
advancement versus to your
financial income
must be put into
microscope in order for
you to decide where you’ll
draw the line of limitation
when and where you must
consider your spending.

On the final note, Please
dont make a mistake to
think that “Pleasure” is

We all do need pleasure
in life.

In fact this is
our birthright.

The thing
is that the way we
end up is also our
so indulging on so
much pleasure that will
put us on poor situation
is much like digging
your own grave and this
must not be the scenario.

Although to many it
already happened and
to some their on the verge
of it, please don’t
put yourself on that situation.

But also I will not shy away
to tell you that extravagant
pleasure are not for all too,
because for this to enjoy you
need to work for it which is
most of the time for people like
me the service of grand and simple
pleasure has the same taste
if you’ll think it through.



Oktubre 12, 2018

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I found myself these days
sharing my amusement to our
Philippine Government Politics
and current events and I see
myself that this could be also
part of my genre as I continue
my enthusiasm in blogging and
for that I made a trip down
my memory lane and try to
find who was my model when
it comes to journalism and
political commentary?

That’s not hard to remember
because there is only one
that I really admired before
and that is Ka. Totoy Talastas
in his radio program
Liwanagin Natin

His wit, great knowledge in
history, law and the
modality of his voice sounds
pleasing into my earbuds even
though I don’t fully understand
what he is talking about plus
his musical introduction of
Hello Dolly by Louis Armstrong
that made him outstanding for

I never see myself really
into radio except if the
person who’ll I’ll listen
too is Ka. Totoy, for me
other news radio reporter
sounds the same, monotonous
and it bores me.

I hope Ka. Totoy can made
some podcast about the
current event of Pres. Digong
this present days because
I am really interested what
he’ll say about it, thing
is that Ka. Totoy retires
on the year of 2016, the
way I see him on the photos
available on the Facebook
pages of him is that maybe
he needs to rest a bit, after
all he is 90 years old now
as I wrote this blog
because on 2016 he already
hit the mark of 88 years of

I don’t know what’s Ka. Totoy
health situation right now,
what I feel is that he still
got that enthusiasm as
journalist but maybe his
physical condition limits him
though like what I said podcasting
can be the answer, he can
do it at his home and it is
not necessarily need to be
on daily basis, he can record
a dozen of topics in one day
then rest for 3 to 5 days but
if his not interested at all
I can understand because I
was just a kid before and I
already hearing this man in radio
and reaching 88 years old
doing the same thing deserves
some rest.

Whether he come back again or
not he absolutely deserve a
salute and praises as he truly
made a good job as entertainer,
journalist and a radio news commentator
in politics.

Saludo sa iyo Ka Totoy!



Setyembre 28, 2018

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Many of you may know that the
current update about Sen. Trillanes
case is on the top of every news
from this past few days as I am
writing this blog article and
like what I’ve said from my last
blog (“ WHEN DIGONG HIT’S YOU BACK a.k.a “THE PUNISHER”  ) that this issue it will rise-up again.

Obviously at this moment
Sen. Trillanes already
bailed himself out temporarily,
after he was taken into police
custody last Sep. 25 2018, Tuesday.

That “moment” could be his
another chance to make some
move as an advocate who challenge
the administration of Pres. Digong.

But I hope this article reached
out to the Senator or at least
to some of his advisers, because
the way I see it Sen. Trillanes
have the same mindset way
back 2003-2007 as he was
arrested under the administration
of Pres. GMA.

As if the outcome of this
current situation will garner
a positive effect for him which
is I am confident to say that his
current situation today is like
a day and night difference compare
on Pres. Gloria Arroyo days.

Please make no mistake that I
don’t despise Sen. Trillanes and
also do not support most of
what he did, so maybe I could
categorize myself as someone
who’s amuse watching his political
journey, most of you would agree
that he adds flavor to the
Senate and imagine without him
it would not be like this…
although we must limit ourselves
on flavored stuffs or
get rid of it as too much flavoring
could defeat the real purpose.

It makes me think that probably
the Senator read the book
of “The Secret” written by
Rhonda Byrne a good book
indeed and in this book it
says about belief and manifestation
I myself practicing some of
what it said in this book
until these days which is
you can influence your life
or attract what you want by
taking in charge of what you
believe and of course back
it up of actions.

If the Sen. Sonny is
applying the law of attraction
right now I hope he is
aware that the
mere belief itself
will not help
him much, it is not
just what you think
of course what you
do and appropriately adjust
it to what is in reality
is also a crucial factor.

Of course most of the
common stubbornness of
Self-help Newbies is that
the individual creates it’s
reality but what I am
talking here is not to
be persuaded on what is
happening from the outside
but to build a authentic
foundation so your “belief”
to what you want to attract
will be established on
a stable ground rather
than put it in the sand.

The tide is not in favor
to the Senator right now
or probably it will never
be, but who knows? If
his desires come into reality
it will be absolutely a mind
blowing manifestation but
for now he should work-out
contrasting his belief to
what is really going on.

Best of Luck!.



Setyembre 24, 2018


Social media becomes part
of our life because in
somehow we can connect to
the world and because
of people who are so
enthusiastic to “share”
pictures, videos, information,
music and whatever it
is that they we share
the social media cemented
its relevance.

It becomes a stream
of free information
and entertainment. it
seems to me that all
are free and if you
look deeper this happens
because people are
just naturally likes
to share.

No wonder why people
like me keep blogging,
writing coloumns that’s
for free, saying insights
that might help others
not just because I love
to make an positive impact
but the act of sharing
makes me feel good.

Maybe I am not that
enough rich to help
of build a foundation but
thru this blogsite of mine
I want to believe
that I can contribute
something good to make
this world a better
place to live.



Setyembre 22, 2018

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Personally I will stick with
Freddie and here is why…

If I am Manny I say
It’s better to go into
every remaining battle
that I had together with
the team that are with
me when I was on my
“golden moments” in boxing.

I don’t say Pacman already
passed his prime but
the momentum of the
up rise of his greatness
was fluctuating from
the past few years,
although this doesn’t
mean it depreciates
his value as a fighter
and that means if there
is something wrong
it doesn’t necessarily
means it is a fault of
Freddie or neither
removal of Roach is
the answer.

Especially if this
rumored rematch of
Pacman and Mayweather
ever materialize I will
definitely take Freddie
within the team for
this another epic battle.

But I am just a person
from the pedestal watching
Manny from afar. So it’s
unfair to conclude that
the split-up of Manny
and Freddie is a bad call
there could be some inside
stuffs happened that
drives both to part ways
however there still a
glimmer of hope that the
two could re-unite again
as it was being reported
that the split-up of Pacman
and Roach is not yet final.

It could be a experimental
move to Pacman team or
there could be some hidden
misunderstandings but
knowing the decision is
not yet final gives a
kind impression to fans
like me and we’re convince
that there still a chance
of reconciliation for both.

Every fighter will definitely
arrives on his final moment
and boxers like Manny Pacquiao
will hang his gloves later on
and for me as his fan I would
like him to do that by not
leaving any bitterness with
the people who been with his
spectacular journey of greatness
like Freddie Roach, it is just
painful to look at that on
the moment of your retirement
your relationship with the
people who been with you
from the ups and down is getting
to crumble too, though of course
if there is some sort of
serious reason why Manny needs
to cut tie just like that
I will definitely support and
understand but for me as
long if it can be fix let it
hold until the Champ reach
the final curtain of his




Setyembre 21, 2018

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As I am writing this article
the news for Sen. Trilliance
amnesty is a bit mellowed down.

However we all knew that
eventually this issue
will rise-up again
as the procedure goes on…

What I am wondering is that
President Digongs detractors
didn’t get until now is how
dangerous he is if you tried
to go beyond the limit. Just
for example Sen. Delima who
we all knew was his detractor
who probably exceed the limit
and now end-up in jail then here
we have again-
Sen. Trilliance who’s
nearing to join Sen. Leila
anytime soon.

What my gut tells me is
that the people who opposed
to him are still now belittling
the President’s capability,
they could still can’t accept
the fact that this “probinsyano”
politician over taken them
and now sitting into the
very top of political food chain.

He is the President of the
Philippines right now.
He took our attentions before
when he was a Mayor because
of what he done to his place-
the peace and order he
provided is really
outstanding although to
some is a bit absurd.

Then now he is the President
of Filipinos and for that
didn’t the people who’s
against him asses how he
is capable of?

People who wants to shutdown
the President have that
baggage full of ego which is what
slowing them down or keeping
them slightly blinded, reason
why they cant be successful
to nail him down like the
other Presidents who’s their
reputations was destroyed
because of the black propagandas.

I say they still cant accept
the fact that this probinsyano
politician owned them big time!

The thing is until now he
is keep on owning them by
taking down the key players
of his offenders one-by-one.

I got to admit, I enjoy
watching this not just
because I am siding to
Duterte Admin but the
way how Sen. Trillianes
handle the situation too.

I would say the reason
why Sen. Sonny Trillianes
got into this mess is
because he didn’t cover
his a$s too well but the
thing is the person who
took the shot onto him
is Pres. Digong and
we all know that even
before he become a
President he’s given
the alias of “The Punisher”
and that name is not just
for the sake of marketing
brand for election campaign
but it is a name why he
is the main man of Malacañang
Palace today, the name could be
bad or good defends how
you perceived it.

But this is the thing
for me, if you will going
to mess-up to person
who had this kind of
reputation better be
really-really careful,
if you just watch the
movie of Punisher itself
he is not just that dangerous
on every gun fights but
when he hit back it is really
unpredictable and
the damage is unmeasurable.