Dear Reader,

It’s been years since I take
time to re-evaluate my “Who I am” page.

Ironic to think that bloggers/writers
are too busy on their daily lives
chasing subjects to be published
but dont have time or words to spare
to tell about them…

Well here I am, giving you an
year 2016 update of “About Me”
since the day I started publishing
articles at the year of 2008
and fortunately until now still
have that fire to write
and share my insights.


Well my real name still remain
as Ralph Barneyi Rivera as well my alias as
Rocky, number people who call me Rocky
are getting few, most of them are
been out of my social circle.

I am still a Family man, married
and as a common father having the
usual struggles…

Before I intend this blogsite
to be like a Self-growth enthusiast
spot like StevePavlina.com or
Briankim.net where I can share
what I’ve learn from people like
Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Stephen Covey
Jim Rohn, Abraham Hicks and the likes…

Its about personal growth, spirituality,
love and something about higher good.

But eventually I notice that the blogger
I become is like Jim Paredes and/or
Lourd DeVeyra, people who engauage in life
and inject humor to subject that are
relevant and sometimes too much to

I still want to be connected on Self-Growth
subjects because thats the reason why
I establish this blogsite, to grow with
others or without.

I still need to flourish my english
grammars, I believe this will take me
a lifetime but should I wait to that
before expressing my point of views in life?
I believe even a “rough english” is enough
to let others know what I am trying to say,
communication is TWO TO TANGO the talker and
the listener either of them didnt cooperate
there will be a poor communication or
no communication at all. So expect that
there would be a Bad Grammar or Bad english
in this blogsite because it is meant to be
on authentic and enthusiatic communication
from an asian guy.


Well now that there is a notable
update about me, question is
what the reader
could expect?

Expect rare posting… Yup! if you
are a regular reader of this site of
mine you are aware that I made
many promises before that I’ll be
active but sad to know those promises
brought me in shame because I kept
breaking them. So as I learn to myself
I cannot produce authentic and enthusiastic
article by force. Soul searching, contemplating
my personal life event regarding to specific
topic is no doubt time consuming and sometimes
draining as well, months sometimes is not
enough to catch and identify the words
to describe and in order to bring my
readers to the point that I want them
to be so they can expirience
wher I am comming at.

So for me a weekly post could
only result half cook articles, maybe
not all the time but most probably
that would be the case.

Also I dont want my readers
to be “on hook” in my
site, I want them to be on hook on the
ideas and implement it in their life,
I want them to be busy on their life
and not checking the update in my

Expect Social unrelevant post… I tried
to catch up on mainstream internet blog
media but I discover that this style is
not for me. I still prepare finding
what’s really tick my interest rather
than riding on social media bandwagon.

Expect Kick-ass articles… What i mean
is authentic, enthusiastic and sometimes
reckless articles, no holds bar! Expect
those kind of articles will fill this
blogsite consistently.

I cant say much about me in details
because for security purposes maybe
the best I can do is to share
myself thru instagram and from the
picture itself you can just read
between the lines.
Thank you and keep in touch.

Sincerely yours,
Rocky Rivera





Welcome to RockyRivera.wordpress.com I am running
a non-profit blogsite and all of the stuff
that I am sharing right now are for free.
I might be using some stuff where I took to some site
or files that might concern you however I have
no intention to offend or steal and if you have any
issue on the material that I’ve share like pictures, video, music etc. please let me know by sending me a message on this site and I’ll be removing it as soon as I read your message.

Thank you!


PS: Regarding other concern please check the below links. Thanks




9 Responses to I AM WHO I AM

  1. yahjme05 ay nagsasabing:

    very detailed ..nice one dude .. =D

  2. Alex V Villamayor ay nagsasabing:

    Hi Rocky.. hindi ko pa nababasa ang karamihan sa blog mo pero saa tingin ko ay interesting ito… Nag-subscribe ako sa blog mo para in the next days ay mabasa ko pa ang iba mong articles…

  3. rockwitralph ay nagsasabing:

    Salamat ng marami sa pagtangkilik sa mga sulatin at naway makatulong ang mga ito. Nakakataba ng puso at nagpapalakas sa mga manunulat na tulad ko ang mga ganitong mensahe… muli ay salamat! 😀

  4. Maureen Bay Odinada ay nagsasabing:

    i want to be like you rocky 🙂

  5. rockwitralph ay nagsasabing:

    Hi Maureen,

    Thank you for the kind compliment, you will become whatever you desire if you persistetly follow those path that you think it will brings you to that destination. I suggest you to value love, truth and courage…

    Again Thank you and have a nice day…

    Rocky 🙂

  6. annarose inson ay nagsasabing:

    nice blog rocky inspiring

  7. katrina ay nagsasabing:

    maraming salamat sa pagbisita sa blogsite ko rock. =) so kamusta ang paglalaro mo ngayon ng basketball? =)

  8. rockwitralph ay nagsasabing:

    All is well na Kat… Thanks for asking….

  9. Doctor Eamer ay nagsasabing:

    Hello brother Rocky! 🙂

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