Man! I can’t believe it will be almost 10 years since I started publishing my stuffs in WordPress. I am trully deligthed to connect people like you. My intention is to bring inspiration, love and joy to my readers. I know every blogsite has its “WHO I AM” page so here it is! and to add for that let this page be your reference page by year wise, what I am up to or simply the update about me.

Below are my other accounts and contacts where you can be more keep in touch or simply reach me. Best Regards!







Welcome to RockyRivera.wordpress.com I am running
a non-profit blogsite and all of the stuff
that I am sharing right now are for free.
I might be using some stuff where I took to some site
or files that might concern you however I have
no intention to offend or steal and if you have any
issue on the material that I’ve share like pictures, video, music etc. please let me know by sending me a message on this site and I’ll be removing it as soon as I read your message.

Thank you!


PS: Regarding other concern please check the below links. Thanks





9 Responses to WHAT’S UP TO ME?

  1. yahjme05 ay nagsasabing:

    very detailed ..nice one dude .. =D

  2. Alex V Villamayor ay nagsasabing:

    Hi Rocky.. hindi ko pa nababasa ang karamihan sa blog mo pero saa tingin ko ay interesting ito… Nag-subscribe ako sa blog mo para in the next days ay mabasa ko pa ang iba mong articles…

  3. rockwitralph ay nagsasabing:

    Salamat ng marami sa pagtangkilik sa mga sulatin at naway makatulong ang mga ito. Nakakataba ng puso at nagpapalakas sa mga manunulat na tulad ko ang mga ganitong mensahe… muli ay salamat! 😀

  4. Maureen Bay Odinada ay nagsasabing:

    i want to be like you rocky 🙂

  5. rockwitralph ay nagsasabing:

    Hi Maureen,

    Thank you for the kind compliment, you will become whatever you desire if you persistetly follow those path that you think it will brings you to that destination. I suggest you to value love, truth and courage…

    Again Thank you and have a nice day…

    Rocky 🙂

  6. annarose inson ay nagsasabing:

    nice blog rocky inspiring

  7. katrina ay nagsasabing:

    maraming salamat sa pagbisita sa blogsite ko rock. =) so kamusta ang paglalaro mo ngayon ng basketball? =)

  8. rockwitralph ay nagsasabing:

    All is well na Kat… Thanks for asking….

  9. Doctor Eamer ay nagsasabing:

    Hello brother Rocky! 🙂

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